WWE's MSG Raw & Smackdown Shows in September Are Not Selling Well

— Tickets for WWE’s return to Madison Square Garden for Raw and Smackdown went on sale July 19 and despite expectations that they would be instant sell-outs, the opposite is actually happening. Sales are said to be very weak because of the high price point – $500 to get a “good seat” and $100 for a “bad seat.” As a result, there are tons of tickets left for Raw and even more for Smackdown. The shows are scheduled for September 9 and 10.

— The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that another interesting thing is that there are not a lot of tickets on the secondary market which means that scalpers didn’t really go into the show heavily, with only about 1600 seats on the market for Raw. Even still, if WWE sells 5,000 seats at an average of $300 per seat, that is still a total gate of $1.5 million (not including merchandise) and that would be enough to turn in a profit, even due to the higher costs of running a show out of MSG. However, the belief is that if ticket prices were lowered, they would definitely sell out the 12,000 – 13,000 seat arena for Raw but not necessarily Smackdown.

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