WWE Vintage Collection Report (10/07/12)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: October 7th 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund & Mackenna

The Wheel of Vintage Fortune returns this week for one final spin and four more unique match types.

Our first category is “On A Pole.” Okerlund reveals a second board to determine what type of pole match. Instead of a Paddle, Pinata, Flag, Pink Slip, 49er Match, Shillelagh, Stickball or Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, we get Judy Bagwell aka Buff Bagwell’s Mother. Oh dear!

WCW New Blood Rising: August 13th 2000
Judy Bagwell On A Pole: Kanyon vs Buff Bagwell
Kanyon – spoofing Diamond Dallas Page as “Positively Chris Kanyon,” has changed the match to Judy Bagwell on a Forklift. We pick things up with Kanyon working over Buff’s surgically repaired neck. Buff counters a Kanyon Kutter, dropping his opponent into an exposed turnbuckle. (Kanyon had earlier cut the padding) Kanyon counters a press slam and the Kanyon Kutter connects. BANG! Self-high five plays and out comes David Arquette, also ripping off Page. Arquette hits Buff with a construction helmet to prevent a Blockbuster. Buff ducks a second helmet swing and brings Arquette into the ring. Buff plants both with a double clothesline, followed by a double Blockbuster to pick up the win. Buff lowers the forklift to free his Mother, while Kanyon gives Arquette a Kanyon Kutter, which pops the crowd. Winner: BUFF BAGWELL. Kanyon left, but returned before WCW’s demise to wrap up his feud with DDP.

WCW Souled Out: January 17th 1999
Loser Wears A Dress: Chris Jericho w/Ralphus vs Saturn
Saturn has an issue going on with evil referee Steve Dickinson, who along with Jericho had been costing Saturn matches. Jericho accused Saturn of crying “like a schoolgirl” and biggity bam we get a dress match. No prizes for guessing who’s officiating here. Saturn threatens Dickinson then quickly slaps the taste out of Jericho’s mouth. Jericho applies a side headlock, but Saturn throws him off. Saturn punishes Jericho in the corner. Jericho quickly escapes a chinlock with a jawbreaker. Jericho resorts to choking in the corner. Saturn sends Jericho to the corner and clotheslines him from behind. Saturn barely connects on a spin kick, but makes up for it with a springboard legdrop. Ralphus distracts Saturn with the dress in question – leopard skin! Jericho hotshots Saturn, hits a springboard dropkick and clears the top rope with a pescado.

We skip ahead several minutes. Jericho hits a twisting slam, misses a dropkick and gets slingshot to the floor. Saturn connects with a baseball slide. Back inside, Saturn splashes Jericho from the top rope. Jericho foils a backsuperplex by landing on his feet. Jericho escapes a DVD while Saturn blocks a Liontamer. Saturn reverses a suplex into a small package, but Dickinson rolls Jericho on top and fastcounts Saturn. Winner: CHRIS JERICHO. After the bell, Saturn reluctantly puts the dress on and Dickinson zips him up, before scampering out. Dickinson, Jericho and Ralphus all laugh to the back. Saturn eventually embraced the dress angle and worked it into a Marilyn Manson gimmick.

WWF Prime Time Wrestling: March 17th 1991
Blindfold Match: The Model Rick Martel vs Koko B. Ware
Time for this week’s Bonus Round! Koko doesn’t take too kindly to being trash talked and shoved, so he blasts Martel with a pair of dropkicks. As the hoods get put on, Martel throws his off before it can be fully tied and beats Koko down in the corner. Martel drives Koko into the post, then when he’s satisfied at gaining ample retribution, puts on his hood. Both move around the ring comically with Koko’s tactic simply being to bang the mat repeatedly with his hands. Martel eventually grabs Koko by the ankles and turns him over into the Boston Crab for the submission. Martel gets his hood removed and beats on Koko some more for good measure. Winner: THE MODEL RICK MARTEL. This was a preview of sorts for Martel’s blindfold match with Jake “The Snake” Roberts at WrestleMania VII. Both matches sucked.

WWE Judgment Day: May 19th 2002
Hair vs Hair: Edge vs Kurt Angle
We join our Main Event in progress. Edge survives a couple of restholds, before finding his second wind with a belly-to-belly, flying forearm, spin kick and Edge-O-Matic. Angle comes back with his own belly-to-belly. Edge elevates Angle onto the apron, dropkicks him to the floor and nails a pescado. Edge heads up top, blocks Angle’s pop-up throw and lands a missile dropkick. Angle suplexes, but gets rolled up for two. Edgeocution (implant DDT) finds the mark. Edge goes high risk again. Angle pops up and, this time, throws Edge to the mat.

Angle sidesteps a spear and Brian Hebner gets wiped out. Angle suplexes Edge on his head and grabs a chair. Edge spears Angle, but there’s no referee to count. Angle foils another spear with a kick to the head. Edge counters an Angle Slam with a second spear. 1-2-kickout. Angle counters a second Edgeocution into a spear of his own. This sets up the Angle Slam. 1-2-no. The straps are down for Angle. Edge breaks an ankle lock with an enziguiri. Angle trips Edge and re-applies the hold. Edge kicks Angle off the ropes and hooks a rollup for the 1-2-3. Winner: EDGE. Angle attacks Edge and runs to escape a shaving. Edge goes looking for Angle backstage. Angle sneak attacks and drags Edge back out, promising to give the fans a “freaking haircut.” Edge turns the tables and puts Angle out with a sleeper. Edge shaves Angle bald and encourages fans to sing “You’re Bald,” instead of “You Suck,” to the tune of Angle’s music. A distraught Angle breaks a mirror and cries.

The regular format of Vintage Collection returns next week, meaning the match choices of Triple Cage, Ironman, Loser Leaves Town, Annexation of Puerto Rico, King of the Road, TLC and Strap, still waiting to be picked, were nothing more than red herrings.

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