WWE Takes A Dig At Randy Savage?, Phony Unforgiven Poster, More On Phoenix

— WWE.com has put up a list of the top 25 finishing moves of all-time, which you can see at this link. Over a year ago, WWE Magazine did a similar list and ranked the FU as the number one finisher of all-time. However, it’s ranked No. 20 on this list. Also, they apparently took a swipe at “Macho Man” Randy Savage in their description of his “Macho Man Elbow Drop” move. They wrote: “Before the “Macho Madness” and his horrible rap albumb – yes, we said rap album – Randy Savage delighted crowds as one of WWE’s brightest stars of the 80s. His finisher, the Elbow Drop, was poetry in motion from the time he hit the turnbuckle, bringing “Macho Man” two WWE title reigns. Alas, nothing could save Savage from his biggest rival – himself. Dig it?”

— According to some websites, the promotional poster for this year’s Unforgiven pay-per-view has been released. The poster features Kane. However, this is actually a fake pay-per-view poster. The image used was lifted from the Kane: Journey To Hell DVD that was exclusively sold at FYE stores in 2006. Whoever made the poster copied the image and simply reversed it on a photo program. You can see the original DVD cover at this link. The real Unforgiven poster should be out soon.

— Regarding Beth Phoenix’s “Joker” photo shoot that was quickly pulled from WWE.com on Wednesday, a few Rajah.com readers pointed out that Phoenix was actually holding the Jack playing card, and not the Joker card. The photo shoot was labeled as “The Joker” by WWE.com.

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