WWE Smackdown *Spoilers* (9/10/13) – Ottawa, ON


BigShow comes to the ring with a letter he reads. He apologizes for what he did (or not did) on Raw. Triple H music hits. He thanks Show for apologizing and tell him he’s not gonna fire him but only suspend him for the night without pay, adding that it wouldn’t be a big deal for anyone, but as we all know, Show is broke.

As Show was leaving, The Shield’s music hits. They attack Show in the ring, but Show has the upper hand. He then goes to the outside and stands on the commentators table. After he had outmuscled the three men, he jumps from the table to shoulder block one of The Shield. They go back to the ring but Reigns attacks him with a chair. Some pretty good shot to the back and elbow. They end it with a triple power bomb to end the segment.

Alicia Fox, Oksana and Layla b Brie Bella, Natalya and Naomi by DQ after AJ, who was at commentaries, interfered in the match. Eva Marie, Nikki, JoJo, Cameron were all ringside.

Vickie Guerrero says that she needs to do what’s good for business, therefore, she announces a dancing contest. R-Truth is the first contestant. Then Fandango shows up with Summer Rae. The Miz, with an afro, calling himself Mizco Inferno. And finally the Great Khali. R-Truth does some break dance, Fandango his usual dance, The Miz tries to shake some ass, but splits up his pants in doing so and Khali his usual. The Miz wins the contest. Fandango asks them to leave his ring, but gets attack by Miz and Truth.

They redo the ending of the Divas match. As Natalya is in position for the Sharp Shooter, AJ gets in the ring for the DQ. Instead of leaving the ring as she did the first time, she stays in and gets both Brie and Naomi finishers and as Natalya was about to do her sharp shooter, the non-Total Divas girls make the save. I don’t know why the redo the spot, the only thing I see is that AJ was supposed to stay in the ring and be saved by the other Divas. The magic of Smackdown!

Ryback does a backstage interview with Robert Evans, who says he’s coming from Ottawa, and Ryback ends up slapping the heck out of him. Evans is ROH’s RD Evans and CHIKARA’s Archibald Peck.

Elsewhere backstage, Vickie tells Ricardo Rodriguez he’ll have a match against Alberto Del Rio with RVD in his corner later tonight.

Santino Marella b Damien Sandow

Not a long match, he won it with the Cobra strike. Great reaction for Santino though.

Michael Coles brings to the ring Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Heyman talks about Punk and Night of the Champions PPV. He says that no matter what happens Sunday, if it’s the last time he can speak in front of the WWE Universe, he wants people to know that he’ll always love CM Punk but will never forgive the fans. Fans answered back with a “Na na na hey hey goodbye chant”. Ahhh, Eastern Canada crowd!

Alberto Del Rio b Ricardo Rodriguez

Almost a squash match. He beat him with an inverted superplex. After the match, Del Rio put an armbar on his former announcer and RVD made the save.

Dean Ambrose b Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler does his 10 elbow drops spot. Good match. Ziggler sells for Ambrose a lot. After Ziggler hits the famouser to Ambrose and goes for the pin, Reigns and Rollins make the save. The Usos then came to Ziggler’s rescue. Vickie shows up and announces a 6-man tag right here, right now. The finish saw one of the Usos doing a couple of superkicks to both Reigns and Rollins. He tries a splash for the top rope, got the knees by Rollins who school boy him for the win.

Final segment. Cutting Edge with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

Edge says that he’s been asked by Triple H to do a Cutting Edge because that’s what good for business. “Good for business” chant.

Edge asks the first question. How does it feel to be a sellout? Edge adds that the fans know what is good for business.

Bryan says that he doesn’t care what’s good for business. The most important things in his mind have nothing to do with what’s best for business. The WWE title is his dream and nothing is more important.

Orton says he’s gonna make Bryan’s dream happen tonight and attacks him. Edge leaves the ring, but Bryan turns the attack into a Lebell lock until the referees come to stop it.

After being off the air, Edge comes back to the ring, does a promo to the cameraman inaudible for the crowd. He laughed with Bryan and leaves.

Dark main-event
Daniel Bryan b Randy Orton

As Bryan had the Lebell Lock on, The Shield got in, followed by Kofi, RVD and Ziggler. They all attacked The Shield. Good match actually, looking good for this Sunday.

Biggest pop
Daniel Bryan
Santino Marella

Biggest heat
Vickie Guerrero
The Shield
Del Rio

Best match on Smackdown
Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler/The Shield vs Ziggler & Usos

Best match of the evening
Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston

Credit: f4wonline.com.com

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