WWE RAW Report (12/5/2011) – Tampa, Florida

RAW RECAP: 12/05/11
By: Thomas Gibbs, rajah.com reader

Raw starts. Theme music plays. Pyro erupts. We are live in Tampa, Florida.

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

Right away Cena’s music play and he comes down to the ring. Cena gets on the

Cena: “Must be that time again, Monday Night Raw!”

He talks about last Monday being interesting. He was a guest on Piper’s Pit. He
thanks Piper for being a friend, for being a Hall of Famer, and for being a part of
the WWE Universe. Whether he likes it or not, they all say what they feel about him.
That’s what Piper did last week, he told him how he felt. Was it the words he wanted
to hear? Yes. He says there is no show without the fans. It’s cut and dry.

Cena: “If you don’t watch, we don’t work.”

Each and every one of the fans has the right to say what the hell they want about
him. If they want to boo they can. Fans boo. If they want to cheer, he thanks them
for being loyal. They cheer. He says they’re so crazy that he listens to them chant
“Fruity Pebbles”. Of course a fruity pebbles chant starts.

Cena: “Try finding that on any other channel.”

That is what makes Raw the show that it is. He’s dealt with reactions like this for
years, but for some reason people making a big deal out of it now. The real big
deal was the slap. Not the slap from Piper, but the slap of the ref’s hand to the
mat when CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio. There’s a CM Punk chant. He has all the
respect in the world for Punk, but he now needs a new number one contender. And the
only thing bigger than Cena versus Rock at WrestleMania would be Cena versus Rock
for the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio comes out to no music with a microphone.

Del Rio: “Stop this right now! Para!”

He says Cena doesn’t get a title match because a title match is for him. It’s his.
Cena says that Del Rio is an educated man, but what part of “you lost” did he not
get? He lost, everybody saw it. Alberto says the fans don’t count. Last week
Laurinaitis said if CM Punk got himself intentionally disqualified he would be the
new WWE Champion.
Cena: “That didn’t happen, you lost.”

Alberto shows a clip of last week when Punk gave Alberto the GTS on the exposed
turnbuckle. Alberto says that CM Punk cheated. Not only that, but he did it on
purpose. It’s not his fault the referee didn’t see it. It was illegal. By now he
should be the new WWE champion.

Vickie: EXCUSE ME!

Vickie Guerrero comes out to no music along with Dolph Ziggler. She says neither one
of them deserves a shot at the WWE Championship. Fans are booing her like crazy. She
says she’s standing with the only Raw superstar who does, Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler: “You two disagree? Which one of you two beat Randy Orton last week on Raw?”

Ziggler talks about having the most entertaining matches on Raw. Cena mocks
Ziggler’s gimmick as being “the show off”

Cena: “Way to force feed them, Cole.”

Cena came up with something for Ziggler. Take out the word “show” and put in the
word “jerk”. Dolph says it’s not showing off if he backs it up every night. Cena
says Dolph will back it up, yet he doesn’t face the one man deserving the U.S.
Title, Zack Ryder.

The Miz comes out with his music playing. They show a replay of Miz attacking
R-Truth from two weeks ago. Then they show Miz attacking Morrison’s leg and beating
him last week. Miz now has the microphone.

Miz: “Really? Really? Really?”

He says the Slammys are next week, and they’re looking at the man who beat Cena at
WM, whose title reign lasted longer than a month, and who doesn’t need Vickie
Guerrero by his side to win. He’s the man who took out R-Truth and John Morrison.
He’s the 2011 Superstar of the Year and the next WWE Champion. If anyone should get
a match with Punk, its him.

Laurinaitis comes out with no music. He says he is the executive vice president of
talent relations and the General Manager of Raw. What they don’t know is he was
falsely accused by Punk of being a dull figurehead. He’ll shatter that perception.
Tonight, each man in the ring will face a WWE Superstar. If they win, they’ll be in
the WWE Championship match at TLC. There will also be a live contract signing with
Punk on Raw. He also has a special match for John Cena which he calls a “social
experiment”. He says good luck to all of them. Miz’s match is first and he’s facing
Randy Orton. Orton comes out to his music. Miz is still in the ring while everyone
else leaves. There’s a replay of last Monday when Barrett cost Orton his match with
Dolph. Orton stares at Dolph from the bottom of the ramp.

-Commercial Break-

Cut back to Orton and Miz in the ring. They tie up, Orton hits a shoulder bump. They
tie up again, Miz kicks Orton and punches into a corner. The ref separates Miz. Miz
gets kicked by Orton and now Orton’s on the offensive. Orton grabs Miz and hits a
European uppercut. Orton whips, Miz counters, but Orton clotheslines him and kicks
him. Orton starts stomping on each part of Miz. He then lifts him up and hits a
suplex. Orton goes over to Miz, whips him again and ducks but Miz kicks Orton and
hits a boot to the face. Miz stomps on Orton followed by a knee to his back and a
kick to the head. Pin is made. Two count. Rest hold on Orton. Orton punches out of
it, but Miz hits an inverted face lock backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker slam
for a two count. Miz with another rest hold. Orton counters into a back suplex. Miz
gets up and charges, but Orton hits his two clotheslines followed by a powerslam.
Orton grabs Mix and tosses him on the apron. He goes
for the DDT off the middle rope, but Miz back body drops Orton out of the ring. Miz
goes outside the ring and attacks, but Orton catches him with another powerslam.
Wade Barrett comes out to his music. He and Orton stare each other down. Wade walks
down to the ring. Orton tosses Miz back in the ring. Orton turns and runs up the
ramp after Wade. Orton gets counted out.
Winner via count out: The Miz

Orton heads back down to the ring, but Wade attacks him from behind. Barrett leaves
as Orton is down on the ring floor. Miz officially qualifies for the WWE
Championship Match at TLC.

An announcement about the WWE Network is coming up next.

-Commercial break-

Back from commercial with an announcement about WWE Network.

A promotional package plays. WWE Network will feature live and classic programming
of WWE and other wrestling companies along with reality shows. One of them is called
Legends House. The WWE Network premieres in 2012.

Cut to Laurinaitis and Zack Ryder backstage. Laurinaitis says that Dolph has filed a
complaint about Zack’s petition. Cena comes on screen wearing a ton of Ryder
merchandise including fake spiked hair. He asks Laurinaitis what the social
experiment is while also sounding like Doc Brown from Back to the Future.
Laurinaitis says that Cena’s match is with Zack Ryder. If Zack wins, he gets a U.S.
title shot against Dolph Ziggler. If Cena wins, he gets to be in the WWE
championship match at TLC. Cena looks visibly upset.

Cut to Otunga with Kevin Nash backstage. Otunga says that Nash will face Triple H in
a ladder match at TLC, but it’s not a typical ladder match. A sledgehammer will be
hanging above the ladder, and whoever has it gets to legally use it against their
opponent. Also, tonight Nash will be in action. Nash asks if it’s against Triple H.
Otunga says no, and Kevin says it’s all good.

Cut to Cole and Jerry at commentary. Apparently it will be the first time in eight
years that Nash will have a match in WWE.

Cut to the ring. Justin Roberts introduces Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring
announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto Del Rio’s theme plays and he comes out in a
red 2012 Maserati GranTurismo. His match is next.

-Commercial break-

Back on Raw, Del Rio’s opponent is Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out to his music
carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase. His ribs are taped up as a result of last
week. They show Smackdown last Tuesday and highlighted the Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry
cage match.

Bryan and Del Rio tie up. Rio kicks Bryan in the ribs and shoulder tackles him in
the corner. Rio with another kick followed by a stomping to the ribs. He whips Bryan
into turnbuckle. He whips him again, but Bryan flips over, runs the ropes and hits a
flying forearm. He kicks Rio in the chest a few times, but Rio backs away. Rio
charges, Bryan kicks him away. Daniel runs towards him and Del Rio goes for the
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Bryan counters it into the guillotine choke. Rio
carries Bryan and drops him on the top rope ribs first. He then applies the Cross
Arm Breaker and Bryan taps out seconds later.

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio joins Miz versus Punk for the WWE Championship.

Cut to Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, and Alicia Fox backstage making their way to the
ring. Coming up next is a Divas tag team match.

They air a promotional package for WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops. This year it
features Maria Menounous and The Muppets. Mary J. Blige and Nickelback will be
performing. The show will air next Tuesday at 9/8 central.

-Commercial break-

Did You Know: WWE’s Facebook network has over 42,000,000 followers.

Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, and Alicia Fox come out to Kelly’s music. Alicia Fox is not
in the tag match.

Cole and King announce that tickets for the 2011 Royal Rumble will be available for
purchase this Saturday.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart come out to Beth’s music. A promotional video
plays for Beth and Natalya, but it gets interrupted by another one of the “January
2nd, 2012” videos. It cuts back to the Beth/Natalya video. When it ends Cole and
Lawler play it off like the cut didn’t occur.

Beth and Natalia hit Kelly with a double Russian leg sweep and Beth gets a two
count. Beth scoop slams Kelly and applies a headlock on her. Beth lifts up Kelly and
hits a backbreaker, then goes over to Alicia and kicks her away from the apron. Beth
goes back to Kelly and Kelly quickly puts Beth in a small package for the three
Winners via pinfall: Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly.

WWE 12 footage of the John Cena/Zack Ryder match plays. Cole and King continue to
hype it up as a “social experiment”.

-Commercial break-

Raw is back, and Ryder comes out to his music. Cena then comes out to his music.
They shake hands and tie up. Ryder with a side headlock, Cena counters with an arm
lock. Cena applies a headlock and snapmares him down. Ryder gets up, whips Cena to
the rope and Cena tackles him. Ryder gets back up and knocks Cena down with a flying
clothesline before applying another headlock. Cena whips, ducks an arm and arm drags
Ryder down for a one count. Cena applies another headlock. Ryder rolls Cena off of
him and connects with a flapjack for a two count. Another headlock to Cena. Cena
powers out and goes for Attitude Adjustment, but Ryder counters with an inverted
neckbreaker into another headlock.

The camera cuts to Ziggler and Vickie backstage watching the match on a television.

Back to the match. Cena gets up and powers over Ryder. Cena whips him into the
ropes, ducks, and Zack catches him with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.
Another headlock to Cena. Cena hits Ryder with a back suplex. He then whips Ryder
into a turnbuckle. Cena charges, but Ryder catches him with knees to the face and
hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Ryder climbs back up to the top, but Cena
grabs him. He sets him up for Attitude Adjustment again, but Ryder fights out and
stays on the turnbuckle. Ryder grabs Cena by the neck and hits a tornado DDT for a
close two count. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder, but Cena ducks and hits a leaping
shoulder block on Zack twice followed by a spin-out powerbomb. Cena hits the Five
Knuckle Shuffle. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment again, but Ryder manages to
grab the ropes. Cena lets go and runs towards Ryder, but he hits the turnbuckle
instead. Ryder fist pumps and hits a Broski Boot in the corner. He goes
for Rough Ryder again, but Cena counters and this time hits Attitude Adjustment for
the three count.

Winner via pinfall: John Cena

Cut back to Ziggler and Vickie approving of the result.

Back in the ring Ryder yells at Cena for costing him his one shot at the U.S. title.
Cena leaves the ring looking upset.

The WWE Championship match is now a fatal four way.

Cut to a promotional package for the new Steve Austin DVD.

-Commercial break-

Promo package for The Slammys. Live three hour event next Monday at 8/7 central.

Cuts back to Cole at the commentary table with his two Slammys. He says the WWE
Universe can go to wwe.com and vote on who the Superstar of the Year will be. C.M.
Punk, John Cena, The Miz, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, and Alberto Del Rio are the

Cut to Laurinaitis and Otunga backstage again. Cena steps in and orders Otunga to
get out. He tells Laurinaitis to give Ryder his U.S. title shot. Laurinaitis says he
gave him the opportunity and he lost because Cena beat him. John looks ready to
attack, but Laurinaitis stops him by saying he can be very creative. Tonight, Ryder
will have one more opportunity, but Cena has to give up his WWE Championship match
at TLC in order for Ryder to get that opportunity. Cena says he became a ten time
WWE Champion because he was given the opportunity, and Ryder has not yet been given
an opportunity even though he works hard for it. Cena gives up his shot for Ryder
and shakes Laurinaitis’ hand. Cena is out of the WWE Title match and Ryder will have
another match for a shot at the U.S. title later tonight.

Another promotional package for Kane’s return plays. This time Kane can be seen
putting his mask back on. It says “Kane Resurrected” at the end of it.

-Commercial break-

Ryder’s back in the ring with his theme playing. Otunga tells Justin Roberts
something. Roberts announces that the match is now a no count out, no
disqualification match. Mark Henry comes out to his theme while holding the World
Heavyweight title. He gets in the ring. Ryder attacks, but Henry smacks him down. He
kicks him in the gut and face. He then grabs Ryder and headbutts him down. Henry
starts stomping on Ryder’s back. He then proceeds to choke Ryder with his bare
hands. Ryder kicks Henry’s bad leg and punches him back, but Henry knocks him back
down with a forearm shot. He lifts up Ryder and tosses him into the turnbuckle.
Henry puts him on the apron and squeezes his head against the apron with his hand.
Ryder kicks Henry and drives his leg into the turnbuckle post. Ryder hits a Broski
Boot to Henry in the corner. He grabs Henry, but Mark pushes him off. John Cena
comes down to the ring to no music. Henry knocks Ryder down. Cena suddenly
enters the ring and hits Attitude Adjustment on Henry. Cena puts Ryder on top of
Henry. Ryder gets the three count. He is not the number one contender to the U.S.

Winner via pinfall: Zack Ryder

Cut to Dolph, Vickie, and Swagger backstage. Vickie comes out of Laurinaitis’
office. She tried to reverse the decision, but couldn’t get it done because it was
no disqualification. Dolph wonders what he pays Vickie for. Vickie does find out
that Dolph’s opponent later tonight is Sheamus. Swagger says he’ll be down at
ringside, but Dolph doesn’t want him to. Swagger says Dolph wouldn’t even be U.S.
Champion without him. The two tease a fight, but they laugh it off. Swagger stays
behind anyway.
Cut to Kevin Nash backstage heading to the ring for his match.

-Commercial break-

Did You Know: Last Raw was the #1 socially active show on all of TV.

Kevin Nash comes out to his theme with a sledgehammer in his hand. This will be his
first match in WWE since August 18th, 2003. His opponent is Santino Marella. There’s
a replay of last month on Raw when Nash attacked Santino and hit him with a

Nash drives a knee into Santino’s gut, whips him into the ropes and drops a sidewalk
slam for a two count. He grabs Santino, whips him again and connects with a big boot
to the face. Nash grabs Santino and hits the Jackknife Powerbomb for the three

Winner via pinfall: Kevin Nash

Afterwards, Nash grabs the sledgehammer and gets back in the ring. He threatens
Santino with it, but holds back and leaves instead.

Cut to CM Punk and Evan Bourne backstage having a conversation while Cole promotes
Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus coming up next.

-Commercial break-

Ziggler comes out to his music along with Vickie Guerrero. Sheamus comes out to his
music. As the match starts, Dolph ducks a tie up and then ducks another.

Ziggler: “How damn good do I look doing this?”

They finally tie up. Sheamus drops Dolph and applies a headlock. Ziggler pushes
Sheamus into the ropes. Sheamus hits a shoulder tackle. Ziggler gets back up and
hits Sheamus with a dropkick. Ziggler pushes Sheamus into the turnbuckle and slaps
him in the face. Sheamus knocks Ziggler down and beats him against the ropes. He
lands a ten count of Irish Riestra to the chest. Sheamus then hits a suplex on Dolph
for a two count. Sheamus presses his knee against Ziggler’s back. Ziggler counters
with uppercut followed by a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Ziggler kicks
Sheamus into the mat and applies a headlock. Sheamus gets up and tosses Dolph away
from him. Sheamus goes for power slam but Dolph counters into a leg drop bulldog for
a two count. Dolph with what looks like a cobra clutch, but Sheamus tosses him over
his back. Sheamus with hammer blows to Ziggler followed by multiple headbutts in
the corner. Sheamus with a short arm clothesline. He goes
for the Celtic Cross, but Ziggler slips out of it. Sheamus runs towards Dolph, but
Ziggler ducks and Sheamus hits the turnbuckle post shoulder first. Zack Ryder’s
music plays and he comes out to distract Ziggler. Ziggler turns his focus back to
Sheamus, and gets hit with the Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Afterwards Ryder gets in the ring and hits Dolph with the Rough Ryder. He holds up
the U.S. title before leaving the ring.

The WWE Championship Match at TLC is officially a triple threat match. C.M. Punk vs.
Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz. The official contract signing is up next.

-Commercial break-

The Same promotional package for next week’s Slammys plays.

Cut to the ring. A contract table and three chairs are set up. Miz and Del Rio are
already in the ring in their suits. John Laurinaitis heads down to the ring. He says
it’s an exciting time to be part of the WWE Universe. He mentions that Brodus Clay
is coming soon, and he makes a match for next week’s Raw. John Cena will take on
Mark Henry. He then moves on to tonight and says that the challengers in the ring
will face CM Punk for the WWE Championship at TLC.

Punk comes out to his music with the WWE Title. Punk holds up the title as the fans
cheer him. Punk pushes his chair aside and looks over Del Rio and Miz. Punk then
pulls the table away from them. John asks him what he’s doing. Punk says that the
contract signing is the biggest cliché on television. It always ends in a brawl. He
goes on to say that Laurinaitis is devoid of any charisma, and that there hasn’t
been a peaceful contract signing since WrestleMania 3 with Hogan and Andre. He
suggests that they get to fighting.

Laurinaitis calls himself “Mr. Excitement”. And in the name of excitement, he
announces that it won’t be a traditional triple threat match. For the first time
ever, there will be a triple threat Tables Ladders and Chairs Match. Punk says if
that means all he has to do is beat Del Rio and Miz, a guy he already beat twice and
a guy who lost at Survivor Series, he’s okay with that.

Miz says that since Survivor Series, he took out both R-Truth and Morrison

Punk: “You took them out? Like on a date? Where did you take them? Based on the way
you dress, your faux hawk, I bet you took them to see that new Twilight flick. Not
that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Miz says he took them and planted their faces on the ramp. Laurinaitis cuts in to
wish Morrison the best in all his future endeavors. Miz continues by saying that
those two at one point were his friends. Just imagine what he’s capable of doing to
Punk and Del Rio, people he doesn’t like, in a match where tables, ladders, and
chairs are all legal and the WWE Champion is on the line. He says that he’s the most
must see WWE Champion of all time, and he will be taking back what’s his. Punk says
they’re not friends, and that he’s not about Hollywood or texting TMZ to get
paparazzi to notice him at the airport because he’s too busy being the best wrestler
in the world. Del Rio says that they’re both crying like little girls and that the
best in the world is standing in front of them. He mentions how he won everything
in 2011, and he beat Punk at Summerslam. By the end of the year he will be doing the
same thing. He will become champion again
and there’s nothing he or Miz can do about it.

Punk: “If you say it’s your destiny, I swear I’ll start drinking.”

Miz says that come TLC they’ll tear each other apart. But if there’s one thing both
Miz and Del Rio can agree on, it’s that Punk will not be walking out WWE Champion.
Miz then signs the contract. Del Rio says that Miz is right before signing the
contract as well. Punk asks if, once he says the contract, they can get to fighting.
Laurinaitis says no. Punk signs the contract anyway, and the match is official.
Laurinaitis wishes each man good luck. And on a personal note, he’s looking forward
to the match. He asks for a wwe.com photographer at ringside to take a picture of

Punk: “Aw, come on!”

Punk says that even the contract signings are boring. He wants a Pier Six Brawl. But
they want to take pictures?

Punk: “If you want anything done right, you gotta do it yourself.”

Punk attacks Del Rio causing Miz and Laurinaitis to exit the ring, but Ricardo
Rodriguez interferes. Punk goes for the GTS on him, but Del Rio attacks Punk from
behind and knocks him on the mat. Rio tosses the chairs out of the ring and grabs
Punk, but Miz grabs Del Rio from behind. He goes for Skull Crushing Finale, but Rio
backs up and rams Miz into the turnbuckle. Punk gets up and hits a running knee to
Del Rio followed by bulldog through the contract table. He then grabs Miz and hits
him with the GTS. CM Punk grabs his title and celebrates in the ring while Del Rio
and Miz are laid out in the ring. Laurinaitis looks on from the top of the ramp as
the show comes to an end.

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