WWE Offers Odd Survivor Series Deal, ROH Claims FloSlam Fraudulently Streamed Live Event

Ring of Honor Claims FloSlam Fraudulently Streamed San Antonio Live Event

In light of FloSlam allegedly streaming last night’s ROH Survival of the Fittest live event, Ring of Honor Executive Greg Gilliend has issued the following statement to PWInsider.com:

“It was brought to my attention that Floslam or Floslam representatives were fraudulently covering our San Antonio event yesterday, streaming video and posting photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This has created an illusion that we are somehow working with them. Ring of Honor are in no way affiliated with Floslam and their actions yesterday were unauthorized.”

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WWE Issues Odd Survivor Series Offer to Non-Network Subscribers

WWE has issued an email to non-WWE Network subscribers, offering tomorrow night’s Survivor Series PPV for a single purchase price of $24.99. The purchase would not include a subscription to WWE Network, which makes little sense, considering a monthly subscription is $9.99 and you can cancel at any time.

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For the $9.99 per month WWE Network subscription price, viewers would also have access to tonight’s WWE NXT Takeover WarGames special, which is not included in the above Survivor Series single event purchase offer.

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