WWE News: Royal Rumble to Set Record, Paige Could Miss PPV, WWE/Ronda Rousey

    — This year’s Royal Rumble is going to set the record for the most number of workers ever on a PPV show. With 30 men and 30 women in the Royal Rumble, as well as the other matches announced, there could be anywhere from 72 to 78 wrestlers working the actual PPV, depending on which matches get pushed or announced for the Kickoff Show.

    — It appears that Paige may not be cleared to return to the ring in time for Royal Rumble. She suffered what was described as a “stinger” last month and while it is not considered a serious injury, WWE is obviously not taking any chances given her history with neck issues.

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    — It is believed that the story that TMZ reported on with Triple H and Ronda Rousey meeting at a restaurant was a planted story by both sides and not just coincidence. While both parties deny any sort of agreement, it’s obvious that Rousey has been training for months and WWE didn’t shoot those angles with her over the summer and tease storylines for nothing. The understanding is that the both Rousey and WWE are “doing business” with one another.

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