WWE house show report 8-9-15 Vancouver, BC Reigns vs. Wyatt

By Jeff Zanatta

Before the show started, there was a film crew in the arena filming scenes for the new WWE film “6:42”. Dolph Ziggler filmed a few scenes where he was walking through the crowd to his seat. There were a few fans in the crowd trying to get pictures with him, but for the most part they stayed clear as it was obvious they were filming. The camera was facing opposite the ring, so I doubt Ziggler will be attending a wrestling show at any point in the movie. 

Show started with the same Piper tribute package we saw on Raw, and a 10 bell salute. Crowd loved Piper. 

1. New Day defeated Lucha Dragons, Ascension, Heath Slater and Brad Maddox, Curtis Axel and Damian Sandow in battle royal to determine who faces the Prime Time Players for the titles later in the show. Kofi and Woods worked the match for the New Day. Biggest reaction came from Big E on the outside getting the crowd worked up. 

2. Stardust defeated Zach Ryder with the crossroads. After the match Stardust grabbed a planted #AmellGetsRaw sign and ripped it up in the ring. No Amell appearance tonight though. 

3. Miz defeated Jimmy Uso with a roll up when he got his feet on the ropes. Pre-match Miz went on about how Vancouver should thank him for providing so many jobs to the city, because of all the WWE studios movies he’s filmed there. Post match he made fun of the Big Show, who came out to a massive pop, and gave Miz the choke slam. Show helped Jimmy to the back and played to the crowd, so i suppose he’s a face again, at least on the house shows. 

4. Prime Time Players defeated New Day to retain the tag titles when Titus hit clash of the Titus on Woods. Big E and Woods were in the ring for New Day. This was given quite a bit of time, crowd loved to boo the New Day and were into basically everything Titus did.


5. Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch defeated Team Bad when Paige tapped Naomi with the PTO. Crowd was really into Paige, much more so than the recent NXT call ups. Notable that the face trio came out to Charlotte’s music though. 

Rusev and Summer Rae were then introduced, and Rusev got the mic to run down Vancouver, Lana, and then Ziggler. Lana came out and brawled with Summer, and then Ziggler came out, to no music, and fought with Rusev. Segment ended with Ziggler hitting the zig zag on Rusev, and he and Lana celebrated with the crowd. Crowd was hot for the whole segment, especially when Lana came out. 

6. Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt with the spear in a street fight. Loudest pop of the night was for Reigns’ entrance. Long main event that the crowd loved, including a few “this is awesome” chants. Wyatt put Reigns through a table with that standing rock bottom slam he does, Reigns later power bombed Wyatt through a table. Reigns countered the sister Abigail to hit the spear. Crowd was 80% behind Reigns, but there were a few audible boos. Crowd was into Wyatt as well, everyone had their phones out for his entrance. 

Overall a fun show with a fairly hot crowd for the majority of the time. Typical house show crowd that cheered all the faces and boo’d most of the heels, although Wyatt got a lot of cheers as well. 

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