WWE Help Talent with Cyber Security

With incidents of people having their phones and storage attacked by cyber hackers in recent months, the WWE has been holding mandatory meetings with talent at the RAW and Smackdown tapings to prevent further incidents from happening.
It is being reported that the meetings were essentially classes with an expert from a cyber security firm that the company brought in. The class went through different ways people can be tricked into having their personal security violated. The expert pointed out specific examples of celebs being embarrassed and their privacy violated and how those situations can be avoided. Word is talent was told to “not to even accept USB drives as gifts, even if they were from beautiful women promising naked photos.”
After the class, it is reported that the WWE stressed that no one other than talent and the company’s social media teams has any kind of access to the talent’s social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. The WWE made the talent sign a new amendment to their social media policy.

While some WWE Talent and former talent have been victims of this in recent times, we are told the WWE didn’t mention these incidents specifically in the meetings.


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