WWE Diva Told To Never Enter Ring Again, Former Diva Getting Married, Ashley

— Back surgeons of SmackDown Diva Torrie Wilson are telling her to never set foot in a wrestling ring again unless she wants to be healthy in later years. She wrote on her MySpace page in a blog posted earlier today: “I have been told by 2 back surgeons that I should never set foot in a wrestling ring again if I want to be moving around in a few years on my own. Pretty depressing if you ask me.” She also added, “My health is doing ok as far as back problems. I must say there are days that I wake up and ask myself why the heck I put my body through what I did the last few years but it’s all worth it. I can never trade all of the awesome experiences that I have had in the WWE and of course all of the great life long friends that I have made along the way.” Torrie also talks about WrestleMania weekend, heading over to Japan to do promotional work for WWE, staying home after being on the road practically every week for the past seven years, and more at this link.

— Former WWE Diva Amy Weber appeared on last night’s edition of Entertainment Tonight. A segment on Amy saw her trying on wedding dresses. Weber is getting married on May 17 and will be singing at the wedding. If you recall, Weber was briefly a member of JBL’s Cabinet faction in late 2004/early 2005. Thanks to Devin Cutting for the information.

— WWE sent out a press release touting the performers at WrestleMania 24 and it noted that Rev Theory invited Raw Diva Ashley Massaro to appear in their new music video, Hell Yeah, which is being taped next week in Los Angeles.

Click here to see retro photos of Torrie Wilson in WCW

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