WWE Backstage News: More on Matt Hardy's Tweet, Undertaker/Raw, Goldberg's Win

  • As reported yesterday, Matt Hardy was once again active on Twitter, tweeting to WWE Raw Tag Team champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. While some believe this throws the Hardys’ immediate status into question, the truth is that it really doesn’t change much of what we already know – Matt & Jeff are with ROH for the time being but most sources believe they will eventually end up in WWE. When that happens is anyone’s guess, but we’ll get a better idea depending on if the Hardys begin accepting independent bookings in May.

  • According to reports, the Undertaker is expected to return to WWE TV tonight on Raw in order to begin a storyline with Roman Reigns, leading to a match between the two at WrestleMania. There were some plans being thrown around to have ‘Taker interfere in the Reigns/Strowman Fastlane match, but this apparently did not happen because WWE used a similar finish in the main event title bout where Goldberg went over Kevin Owens, with Chris Jericho “interfering.”

  • Some WWE officials are said to be a little bit “on edge” at the type of reaction Goldberg is going to receive on Raw tonight in Chicago, IL, now that he has won the Universal Title from Kevin Owens. The hope is that the negative reaction (and possibly CM Punk chants since it’s in Chicago) will be at a minimum.

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