WWE 205 Live Results (05/15): Cruiserweights vs UK Division

The show opens up with Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcoming us to London and introducing us to the stars of the U.K. Division who will be on tonight’s show. The stars of the U.K. Division who will be on tonight’s show are: The first ever United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, Joseph Connors, James Drake, “Flash” Morgan Webster and Kenny Williams.
We get a promo from Tyler Bate about how he is going to get TJP back for cheating to beat him in the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament earlier this year.
We also get a promo from Kenny Williams about how he has to go through three former champions.

Tyler Bate vs. TJP vs. Kenny Williams vs. Kalisto: Williams gets off to a quick start, but gets dumped out to the floor along with Bate. Kalisto with a flurry of strikes on TJP and goes for a cover, but only a two count. TJP trips up Kalisto and locks in the boston crab, but has to stop to take out Bate and Williams. TJP is put up on the top turnbuckle by Kalisto, but TJP claws at his mask. TJP gets knocked into a tree of woe position and then dropkicked by Williams. Kalisto hits a big crossbody to the floor on Williams and has a somewhat rough landing. Bate goes to work on TJP and nails him with an exploder suplex, then goes for a pin, but only a two count. Bate with an airplane spin that looked to almost stun himself, but he gets back into it and knocks both Williams and Kalisto down with TJP. Bate is able to recover and locks all three other wrestlers in some kind of a submission. Williams throws Kalisto into the rope, but catches Williams with a kick. Kalisto heads up to the top rope, but Williams gets shoved into him, crotching Kalisto on top. Bate heads up top as Williams follows him and TJP joins in for a tower of power.
Williams with a back elbow to send TJP to the floor. Williams then kicks Kalisto out and runs back and nails TJP with a suicide dive. Bate then looks to fly and leaps over the top rope. Kalisto with a flip over the top, taking out all three wrestlers. Back in the ring, Williams with a tornado DDT on Kalisto and goes for a cover, but Bate breaks up the pin. TJP with a kick to Bate and takes down Williams. On the floor, Kalisto gets shoved into the steps. Bate pops Williams from the apron to the floor. Bate nails a big lariat and a tyler driver ’97 on TJP for the win. Winner: Tyler Bate
We then get a video package of Buddy Murphy followed by his promo. Murphy starts by saying that people on 205 Live are used to having things handed to them, but from NXT through weight cuts, he has earned everything he’s gotten. Murphy then says that he knew he wasn’t going to be given a title shot, so he attacked Cedric Alexander to get one. We are then reminded that his match against Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Title is in two weeks in Alexander’s home state of North Carolina.
Commentary informs us that next week we will see Akira Tozawa going one-on-one with Hideo Itami.

Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali are shown warming up in the locker room and they meet their partner for a six-man main event. Webster welcomes them to London and says that 205 Live is about to get some much needed Flash.
205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick heads out to join commentary.
Before the main event, Dasha Fuentes asks Drew Gulak, James Drake and Joseph Conners how they plan to work together. Drake and Connor says that they have tagged together in the past. Drew Gulak says that he has been putting them through rigorous team-building exercises and with the two best mat technicians in the UK and himself, the greatest submission specialist in WWE, he has no doubt that they will batter their opponents. He wishes Dasha “cheerio” as they head to the ring.

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & “Flash” Morgan Webster vs. James Drake, Joseph Conners & Drew Gulak: Conners and Alexander start things off. Alexander uses his speed and tries for an early cover, but only gets a one count. Conners gets Alexander in the corner and hammers away on the champion. Alexander flips Conners and hits him with a dropkick and goes for a cover, but only a one count. Webster is tagged in and drops Conners then quickly tags in Drake. Gulak is in and gets taken down and Conners quickly tags in, but gets dropped himself. Ali tags in and flies off the top to bring Conners down. Spinning heel kick by Ali and goes for a cover, but only a two count. All six wrestler in the ring now, but Gulak brings his guys in and tries to rally the troops a bit. Conners and Drake stomp away at Ali and tries to keep Ali away from his corner, but he gets over and tags in Webster. Looks like Webster got his mouth busted open in his exchange with Drew Gulak.
Webster gets beaten up by Drake, but he gets a window to tag out. In comes Ali and Conners. Ali with a kick from the apron followed by a rolling facebuster, and sits Conners up on the top rope. Drake tries to sneak up on him, but Ali avoids him, hops back up and nails a hurricanrana sending Conners into Drake. Ali gets beat up a bit, but brings Alexander in who nails a number of kicks on Drake. Alexander hits a big springboard clotheslines and goes for a cover, but only a two count. Everyone is now taking out everyone in this match. All six wrestlers eventually find themselves on the mat. Morgan with a suicide dive on Conners and Drake. Alexander and Gulak in the ring. Alexander tries for a handspring spinning kick, but gets denied and Gulak locks in an ankle lock. Alexander escapes and sends Gulak into the top turnbuckle. Ali gets tagged in and hits a DDT from the corner. Ali hits the 054 on Gulak for the win. Winners: Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & “Flash” Morgan Webster

After the match, the baby-faces celebrate as 205 live goes off the air.

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