WrestleMania News: Batista's Offer, Steve Austin Segment, Rock's Role, more

— A segment involving ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has already apparently been decided on for WrestleMania so he appears almost confirmed to being on the show. The Rock, on the other hand, has an uncertain role as of this writing. Originally, the speculation was that Rock would probably figure into the Roman Reigns/Triple H match, likely as being in Reigns corner especially if Vince was in Triple H’s. However, with Vince now more involved in the Shane/Taker match, it puts into question how the Rock will fit in.

— Shawn Michaels’ participation has been discussed in two different scenarios, neither of which involve him wrestling in any capacity.

— The original plan for HHH/Reigns was to have a special guest referee in the match, someone who would have had close ties to Triple H as a way to further stack the odds against Reigns and establish him as a babyface. Dave Bautista was asked and turned down that role at least once and it doesn’t appear as if he will be a part of the show – more so as he’s been extremely critical of the company after the incident involving his good friend, Titus O’Neil.

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