What's Next For Shawn Michaels, Tamina Has Her Sights Set On The Divas Title

– Following his appearance on Monday’s WWE RAW [via satellite], WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels says he’s leaving the spotlight once again and is looking forward to returning to his private family life:

“Well, the upside is this…the noisy trucks are gone & tomorrow I go back to my life of ranching,family & #MRA…one handed for a while!!”

– After coming up short in the #1 contender’s Divas Battle Royal on Monday’s RAW, Tamina tweeted the following message:

“Thank you to all my fans you all are amazing. When it comes down to going after that title I don’t care who’s in my way”

– Speaking of the Divas Battle Royal, it’s worth noting that Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix were featured on the preview graphic for the match, despite the fact that neither of them was at RAW.

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(Partial Source: PWInsider.com)

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