What do you need to win Champions league?

How much you have to invest to win Champions league? Is it enough to have millions of dollars/euro or you need something else. Let´see our comparison.



The budgets of the volleyball teams vary a lot. Also in volleyball we can see big difference in club budgets. Everybody know the best volleyball league is played in Italy. Legavolley has the biggest number of the world volleyball stars, even if in the past years the situation is slowly changing. It does not mean also the budgets of Italian teams are the biggest.

Let´s see some examples from the Champions League… Team as a Bled are working with the 1,5 mil. Euro per season. Greek teams have more opportunities (bigger budget) to buy one or two stars as a I. Miljkovic, his contract is about 500 000 Euro/season. Then comes the Italians, the budget of the richest Italian teams is about 4 mil. euro. Who is on the top? Probably Zenit Kazan, rumors says the budget of Russian Champion is 10 mil. dollars.

So what you really need to win the Champions League?
Or you should have on your account similar amount as the previous winners Trentino and Kazan to think about it. But even if you have these money to buy "all Brazilian national team players" you can not 100% count to win Champions league. Because there can be a … Great team … team which will follow the success of Friedrichshafen and Tours. These teams had won the Champions league few years ago and their budget is not as high as the Italian or Russian top team.

Champions league winners 2000/2001 France Paris Volley great team2001/2002 Italy Lube Banca Macerata rich2002/2003 Russia Lokomotiv Belgorod rich2003/2004 Russia Lokomotiv Belgorod rich2004/2005 France Tours VB great team2005/2006 Italy Sisley Treviso rich2006/2007 Germany VfB Friedrichshafen great team2007/2008 Russia Dynamo-Tattransgaz Kazan rich2008/2009 Italy Trentino Volleyrich


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