Wellness Drug Tests At Monday's RAW, WWE Referees In Danger, Lagana Update

Sources: Prowrestling.net, PWInsider.com

— WWE held another round of Wellness drug tests before the WWE Raw and ECW taping on Monday night in Atlanta. With the company looking to cut $20 million from their budget, this would be a very bad time for anybody to test positive.

— Former WWE Creative team member Dave Lagana is currently working with the National Wrestling alliance on their new TV tapings from Hollywood, California. Lagana was added to the NWA’s creative side to work on the writing, formatting and timing of the tapings. Former WWE tag team Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch also worked the show.

— Speaking of WWE’s budget cuts, the company is in the midst of changing their policy on referees. In the past, referees have been assigned to a specific brand. Moving forward, the referee roster will be consolidated, with WWE bringing one group of referees on the road one week, then alternating the following week. WWE will be going by senority, so tenured referees will get priority treatment and younger refs being sent to WWE developmental or possibly being released.

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