Vince Russo Talks About TNA's Future, How To Handle Upcoming Tapings

Former WWE & TNA writer Vince Russo has launched a new podcast called Nuclear Heat, which you can listen to here (.MP3). On the show’s premiere episode, Russo talked about the future of TNA and the uncertainty of their TV deal with Destination America. Russo argues that without an extension on their deal beyond the end of the year, it does not make sense for the company to do spend more money on tapings.

“Destination America has given TNA to the end of the year. That’s what we’re hearing. That’s the rumor. Nobody from TNA, nobody from Destination America, has come forward to say differently, so you have to believe there is some truth to that.”

Russo continued, “So put yourself in TNA’s position. If I know I’m done at the end of the year, with Destination America, and I don’t have another [television] network to go to, why on Earth am I going to invest the money to produce television for October, November, and December when no matter how good that television is, it doesn’t matter.”

Russo expects TNA to go back and splice together a bunch of matches from previous tapings to create ‘new’ episodes of Impact, which would help keep the show on the air for several more weeks without holding additional tapings:

“I believe that those last 12 weeks of TNA programming will probably be random matches that they do have in the can that we have not seen before here in the United States. And with that, they aren’t going to involve storylines. They are just basically going to be straight wrestling matches to fill time. That would be my guess based on what I know.”

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