Video: DDP Talks About Nash & Hall Getting Heat During Early nWo Days

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with the folks at about a wide-variety of topics in a new video interview, which you can see part of above.

Below are some of the highlights of what DDP spoke about during the interview.

On if Scott Hall and Kevin Nash knew how instrumental he was in helping them get back into WCW in 1996:

“They knew. Bischoff knew. They didn’t have the NWO name then, but it all started in my garage. Bischoff puts that over in the NWO DVD, then I never get mentioned again! I’m like, seriously?! (laughs).”

On excitement turning to jealousy and heat when Nash joined Hall in WCW and the two starting running over everyone on TV every week:

“We’re getting two of their stars red hot. Then they started killing everybody. That was heat. Wait a minute, these two guys are killing everybody? Then when Hulk switched, the really killed everybody. They violated groups of guys. Everybody on top has a ton of haters. It was really unique for me, because both of those guys I helped come in. Both were legitimate friends of mine, killing everybody and I was allowed (to go under the radar). Nobody was really paying attention to me. I saw Sting like, leave, and I thought ‘who’s going to fight these guys?'”

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