Update On WWE's Working Relationship With WWN Live, Big Plans For NXT

WWE officials have continued to have discussions regarding their working relationship with WWN Live, the parent-company of EVOLVE, however things are said to be moving slow and no one appears to be rushing anything.

If Triple H and others have their way, NXT will become a full-blown touring brand by the end of 2017, which means a lot of expanding and growth planned for NXT next year. There is reportedly talk of WWN helping to fill some of the void that is created when NXT does go on the road full-time. The idea is that NXT talents who aren’t perceived to be ready for touring can take bookings with WWN in Florida while WWE helps with some of the costs.

WWN is rumored to become somewhat of a WWE territory based out of Florida, with WWE sending them their least experienced developmental talents to improve so that they are ready for NXT tours across the globe. As noted, right now things are still in the very early stages.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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