Update On Lucha Underground Talent Possibly Going To WWE

A buzz around the wrestling world right now centers around the talent that was part of the Lucha Underground show that finished up its current season last week. While many in Mainstream wrestling circles have focused on New Japan competitor Ricochet and his desire to wrestle for the WWE, this also includes many others that the WWE would want under their belt.
Current reports have it that Ricochet’s contract with the lucha inspired company expires around January  16th. Those who appeared in the latest season of the show were not allowed to appear on American TV elsewhere until 90 days after the season ended. Ricochet, who wrestled as Prince Puma, appeared on non-televised American wrestling shows and also for New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of Team Taguchi. Recently after the King of Pro Wrestling event for New Japan, he gave an emotional speech many felt was his goodbye to the Japanese wrestling fans, sparking rumors of him being part of the Royal Rumble event for the WWE. It has also been said that Ricochet has also told promoters that he is no longer taking indy bookings at the end of January, sparking even more rumors.
Since Ricochet was in the main event of the season finale, if his contract expires than most of those whom also appeared on the show will have as well, as long as they do not resign with the company for a new season. A Season 4 has been under speculation for having financial backing issues, but if stars are signed to a new season, they would be unable to go the WWE for many months into 2018 if they aren’t signed elsewhere like Mexico or Japan already. So it is possible that the WWE could acquire much more talent than just Ricochet himself in time for January’s Royal Rumble if a new season is not made, or if the talent does not want to be part of the show anymore.


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