Ultimate Warrior Has A Happy Birthday Message For Hulk Hogan

TNA star Hulk Hogan turns 58 years old today – and we wish the Hulkster a happy birthday. One man who doesn’t share the same warm and fuzzy sentiments is the Ultimate Warrior, who posted the following on Facebook today:

“Hey, Terry. If you want some good creative ideas (we all know you sure as hell need them) be man enough to call and offer to pay instead of trolling around my web presence and stealing them.

When you try to copy my Warrior attiude it doesn’t work for you. The size of it is too big. When you try to pull it off you look like a x-small boy drowning in his daddy’s XXXL. What’s your “purist Christian wife” going to say when you start dropping F’ bombs like the Warriorman? Probably soemthing like, “Well, honey, it would be kinda nice if some of that was going on around here.”

Just be you. Number One rule of O.W.N.

The fraud you already are is the one we love. All these years you keep going back and forth and all over the map trying to find yourself. Please, no more “new” phony faces.

You’ve finally done it. Your mind is empty and your balls are all shriveled up. You’ve officially turned yourself into a Vagina Man, a real pussy. And now, your daughter has to show hers to get any attention at all.

Here you go, brother, let me throw you a bone…

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