Ultimate Warrior Comments On Death Rumors, Touts Current Popularity

Speaking to The Good Man Project, Ultimate Warrior comments on the long standing rumor that he is dead. Cameron Conaway asks the legendary grappler, “Sadly, many people still think you’re dead. Can you fill us in on what you’ve been up to in the past ten years or so?”

Warrior responds, “Yes, being dead is one of the many urban legends, falsehoods, mischaracterizations, what have you, about me. Nothing much I can do if people want to remain ignorant. I’ve had an Internet presence since ’96-’97 so it has been easy for a long time to find out the truth. Of course my former employers have worked hard and spent a great deal of time and money over the years to fabricate and spread lies, all of which have helped to keep rumors and other nonsense alive.

“The quick answer to what I have been doing is that I have been doing a lot of living … GREAT living. I’m alive which seems to be an achievement all its own when you consider most of the guys I worked with are now dead, prematurely of course.

“On a practical level, I’ve stayed creative and productive as an artist. When I look back on my career creating and performing The Ultimate Warrior, in what was indeed sports entertainment, I see what I did as performance art. There are many things I loved about my time in the business and all its challenges but the engagement of creativity was certainly a vital aspect to my success, so I have continued to aspire through other forms of creativity. For me, this was natural, not something others should be surprised by.

Warrior continues, “Ultimate Warrior in action figures and video games is still today a more popular selling attraction than even most of today’s superstars.”

He comments further on the ways of the Warrior and gives his thoughts on the problems of males having “emasculated cultural role models.” The full interview is available here.

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