The New Day Getting A USA Network Special; Complete WWE Week Schedule

USA Network’s WWE Week is right around the corner and as part of the Network’s schedule, a special based around The New Day has been announced.

The popular trio’s USA Network special will air next Wednesday at 10 PM and is titled, “The New Days 2018 Pancake Powered Year End Super Spectatcular,” although there isn’t any word on what exactly the show will feature, other than New Day (and likely pancakes) being involved.

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The special will be part of next week’s USA Network WWE Week which sees the company be featured all week on the Network, although unlike last year, WWE NXT will not be featured. Last year saw WWE specifically edit an episode for USA Network to broadcast, but there are no plans for that to happen again at this stage.

The complete schedule of events for the week will feature:

Monday 12/17 – Monday Night Raw at 8 PM.Tuesday 12/18 – Smackdown Live at 8 PM.Wednesday 12/19 – The New Day’s 2018 Pancake Powered Year End Super Spectacular at 10 PM.Thursday 12/20 – 2018 WWE Tribute to the Troops special at 9 PM.Thursday 12/20 – MIz & Mrs. Season One Marathon at 11 PM.Friday 12/21 – San Andreas starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at 6 PM.

In past years there have been additional WWE related programming on the Network but nothing else is being advertised at this point in time.



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