The New Day Breakdown How They Decide Which Members Wrestle

During the latest edition of their Feel The Power podcast, The New Day discussed how they work out which of them will be wrestling for each match.

While they occasionally get to work six-man tags that include all of them, the majority of their matches are tag team bouts, meaning someone has to miss out. Xavier Woods broke down how they determine who wrestles each time.

“A lot of times, the rotation is, whoever wasn’t in gets rotated out, so like if it’s E and Kof, next it will be me and E, and then, it’ll be me and Kof. And then, Kof and E. Yeah, me and Kof are Speed Force. And then, Kof and E is Pops & Powers. And then, me and E are Muscle Bomb. Yes, E’s the muscle, Kof is the speed, and I’m the hybrid, so I’ll kind of adjust to whoever.”

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Feel The Power

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