‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Recalls Not Liking Shawn Michaels In The Past

During his latest, Steve Austin Show podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin admitted he didn’t use to like Shawn Michaels.

While they may very well be good friends nowadays, clearly that wasn’t always the case as Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed both he and The Undertaker weren’t always too fond of HBK as a person. (H/T to SportsKeeda.com for the transcriptions)

“We both, Undertaker and myself, always respected Shawn’s ability, his work, the talent, the things that he could do in the ring, because he was pretty much kind of unparalleled,” Austin said. “He was that damn good. But as a person, I didn’t like him. Quite frankly, I didn’t like him at all.”

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