SmackDown Star Calls NXT 'Awful', Paul London Pulls Video Demeaning Matt Hardy

— MVP had some choice words for NXT when asked what he thought of announcer Michael Cole quitting the program.

“NXT is awful,” MVP wrote on Twitter. “I’ll be glad when it ALL over!”

Later, a fan suggested that one of the Rookie Diva contestants could be ‘the next Lita’.

“What an incredible INSULT to Lita!” MVP sniped. “Lita is an ALL TIME great! These chicks? Lita? Not in this lifetime!”

— Paul London has since deleted the video he posted earlier this week on YouTube demeaning Matt Hardy. He also called his former colleague ‘a mess’ during an interview Monday night.

According to, there’s been underlying heat between the two since a love triangle with Ashley Massaro when all three were working for WWE years ago.

The video in question can be viewed here.

See photos of how Ashley Massaro looks like now ->

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