Shane McMahon Talks His In-Ring Career & The Undertaker

Shane McMahon was on ESPN SportsCenter on Wednesday night to promote Sunday’s WrestleMania 32 in Arlington, TX. The main topic of discussion was his Hell In The Cell match with The Undertaker. Shane also explained that being able to wrestle in front of his kids is his main reason for doing it.

“I’m really excited to be in there. I’m nervous to be in there. It’s a whole different atmosphere. When you’re against a guy that big… And I have so much respect for The Undertaker,” Shane said of his WrestleMania 32 opponent. “He’s the measuring stick of the business. He’s carried the business on his back for quite some time. I’ve known him a very long time. But when you’re in there it’s intimidating, so you just got to let it rip and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m kind of known for I will do anything, especially when the stakes are high, I will definitely do that just as I showed the other night, so I will give it everything I possibly have.”

Shane McMahon has been part of a lot of memorable moments on WWE pay-per-views and when asked, Shane couldn’t choose just one favorite moment from his in-ring career. Shane says it was never in the original plans for him to have multiple matches or become known for jumping from tall places.

“Gosh, I don’t know. I always thought I would have one match because it was never supposed to be a series of things, and then it kind of caught fire,” Shane explained. “And then everyone becomes accustomed to it and you have to start thinking about different things and then it starts to build, so I always thought I would have one match. I was like, let’s give them some cool stuff, and then that evolved and escalated and has grown into what it is today.”

We’ll have live play-by-play coverage of WrestleMania 32 right here on Sunday night, in addition to the latest backstage news before & after the event.

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