Sexy Star Stripped of AAA Woman’s Title

In a follow-up to a story that has gained notice around the wrestling world, AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide has announced that it has stripped Sexy Star of the Reinas de Reina title. This comes in the aftermath of the incident at the company’s Triplemania 25 show a few weeks ago where Star started shooting on some of the competitors in the match with GFW’s Rosemary, Lady Shani, and Ayako Hamada. She was said to be shooting on Lady Shani and more infamously, locked Rosemary into a legit armbar and injured the GFW competitor, even though the match had ended.
Just days ago Sexy Star released a statement saying that the match originally was supposed to be between her and Shani, but was changed at the last minute. She claims everything went exactly as they had mapped out in the locker room and she was not aware of anything going on until later. After the match, Sexy Star was made to apologize to Rosemary. She then left the building immediately. For her part, Rosemary has said that Sexy Star was full of excuses in the locker room and was completely unprofessional.
The incident has gained her negative press all over the world with many wrestlers and promoters vilifying Star. She was taken off the Wrestlecade show and people like Cody Rhodes and Brian James vowed that Star would never appear in their locker rooms ever again. 

As for why it has taken this long for the company to level any kind of punishment, the release of her statement may be suspect, but it may just be that AAA was holding TV tapings and waited until then to decide what to do about the issue. AAA Lucha Libra Worldwide has said that a match will take place to determine a new champion with Lady Shani vs. Faby Apache vs. Big Mami vs. La Hiedra vs. Goya Kong taking part in the match. This is the second time in a row that AAA has to have named a new champion. Earlier this summer, champion Taya Valkyrie was stripped of the title without her knowledge and the belt was put on a returning Sexy Star after another multi woman match.
No further punishment to Sexy Star has been reported as of yet.


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