Russian Cup 2006

Four groups of russian cup has been played in december 2006. Final Four tournament of Russian Cup 2006 will take place in Odintsovo on 26th – 27th February 2007. 


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Lokomotiv Belgorod, the previous Russian Cup winner, will not have easy way to the finals meeting Fakel Novy Urengoi. Novy Urengoi qualified to Final Four of CEV Cup. Belgorod lost key players from the last season Tetyukhin, Kosarev and setter Khamutskikh.
Other couple Iskra Odintsovo and Dynamo Moscow are the leaders of the russian superleague. Untill now, they played one match against each other this season. Dynamo won the home match agains Iskra in superleague easy 3:0.

Pool A, Moscow (27-29 December)


WLP   Dynamo Moscow306   ZSK-Gazprom Surgut215   Neftyanik Yaroslavl124   SGIFK Smolensk033          Results:      Dynamo – SGIFK3:025:925:1225:21  ZSK-Gazprom – Neftyanik3:025:2026:2425:21  Dynamo – ZSK-Gazprom3:125:2120:2525:2225:19 Neftyanik – SGIFK3:028:2625:1725:12  Dynamo – Neftyanik3:025:1925:1525:22  ZSK-Gazprom – SGIFK3:124:2625:2225:1425:14               Pool B, Ekaterinburg (27-29 December)RankWLP   Lokomotiv-Belogorie Belgorod215   Lokomotiv-Izumrud Ekaterinburg215   Prikamie Perm215   TNK-BP Orenburg033          Results:      Lokomotiv-Belogorie – TNK-BP3:025:2025:1629:27  Lokomotiv-Izumrud – Prikamie3:125:1923:2525:2330:28 Lokomotiv-Iz – Lokomotiv-Bel 0:336:3816:2520:25  Prikamie – TNK-BP3:025:1825:2225:18  Lokomotiv-Belogorie – Prikamie2:325:2025:2725:1815:256:15Lokomotiv-Iz – TNK-BP3:025:1725:1825:18                Pool C, Kazan (27-29 December)RankWLP   Iskra Odintsovo306   Dynamo TatTransGaz Kazan215   Lokomotiv Novosibirsk124   MGTU Moscow033          Results:      Iskra – MGTU3:025:2125:2125:21  Dynamo TTG – Lokomotiv3:125:1525:1923:2525:16 Dynamo TTG – Iskra 1:320:2520:2525:2325:27 Lokomotiv – MGTU3:025:1625:1825:23  Iskra – Lokomotiv3:223:2524:2625:1925:1815:12Dynamo TTG – MGTU3:025:2025:1325:15                Pool D, Nizhnevartovsk (27-29 December)RankWLP   Fakel Novy Urengoi306   Neftyanik Bashkortost. Ufa215   Ugra-Samotlor Nizhnevartovsk124   Energetik Ufa033   

       Results:      Neftyanik Bash. – Energetik3:025:1625:1625:17  Ugra-Samotlor – Fakel2:316:2525:1920:2525:2011:15Fakel – Neftyanik Bash.3:223:2525:1325:2023:2515:12Ugra-Samotlor – Energetik3:025:2230:2825:14  Fakel – Energetik3:027:2525:1125:19  Neftyanik Bash – Ugra-Samotlor 3:125:2320:2526:2425:16 

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