Ruby Riot Gets Name Tweak, Group Gets A Name

Tonight during Smackdown is was revealed the team of former NXT women’s wrestlers Rudy Riot, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan would be known as “The Riot Squad”. There was some question if they would be linked to Paige’s Absolution team on Monday Night RAW, but it seems they are not as the announcers explained that Logan and Morgan were Riot’s friends and “adopted her punk rock attitude”, so it seems the two very similar storylines will not be linked, at least for right now.
Another small change that was made is that she is going by the name Ruby Riott. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports there is a book series on Amazon that features a band called Ruby Riot, and that might be the reason for the change. As a fiction writer on Amazon, I’d love it if the WWE  noticed books being published on the site,  but I personally would say this news is just speculation at this point.
The Riot (or Riott) Squad were supposed to face off against Charlotte, Nataliya, and Naomi for a six-woman match during the show, but Nataliya walked off during the match, Naomi was knocked out and stretchered during the match, leaving it a 3 on 1 handicapped match against Charlotte.

it was also announced that Becky Lynch was injured during the attack by the group last week and would be out of action for the time being, this was done to write Lynch out of the show while she goes to film The Marine 6 with John Cena, The Miz, and others.


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