Review of Vince Russo’s Attitude: Ken Shamrock

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Bro, after appearing on many platforms in the Kayfabe Commentaries company, VINCE RUSSO has his own show! Bro it’s in his wheel house, 1997-1999 WWF/E (Russo left WWF/E in October 1999 to work for WCW). And bro he picked an interesting guest to open VINCE RUSSO’S ATTITUDE, “the World’s Most Dangerous Man” UFC legend & former WWF/E superstar KEN SHAMROCK. Bro if you ever play drinking games, you can play the “Bro Game” with this release and I guarantee you will be drunk or suffering from alcohol poisoning within the first fifteen minutes of the presentation.
They cover several topics including:  why he left UFC at his prime to join WWF, his initial dealings with Vince McMahon, why he “snapped” in the ring, the infamous “Brawl For All” series of 1998 and why Shamrock wasn’t part of it, memories of Steve Blackman, Kurt Angle, “Wildman” Marc Mero, working snug with Vader, his friendship with Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels & the Montreal Screwjob (very interesting view point from Shamrock),  the Undertaker, The Rock (and who really owned the trademark to the name), John “Bradshaw” Layfield and his backstage demeanor, Ken taking down the Big Show in a comedic backstage incident, wrestling Davey Boy Smith in a “Loser Eats Dog Food” at Summerslam 1997, working through a torn lung (yes lung), being asked to work with the late Chyna and major reluctance to strike her plus much more. They also cover current WWE stars like Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins with their working styles. Both men’s views are interesting. Russo blurs the timeline as he mentions begging in 1996 to have “the Ringmaster” Steve Austin cutting his own promos. Russo was working ONLY on the magazine in early 1996. 

For a first attempt this was middle of the road. Ken is a good guest but Russo is all over the place with his questions. Hopefully he gets it under control with guest number two, Terri “Marlena” Runnels. 
Next on the release list is YouShoot with Al Snow (December 5) plus Sean Oliver’s new book entitled KAYFABE is on sale through Amazon. For information on Alan Wojcik’s wrestling coverage, check out & plus which airs Sundays 9am on ;


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