Report: Sherri Martel Didn't Die Of Natural Causes; Investigation Ongoing

On his Wrestling Observer Live radio show Sunday night, Dave Meltzer stated that Sherri Martel didn’t die of natural causes. According to Meltzer, “This was not a typical wrestler’s death,” “Not a suicide,” and “She did not die of natural causes.” The case is currently under investigation by law enforcement. Police were in abundance at Martel’s mother’s residence in Birmingham, Alabama where the WWE Hall of Famer was found dead Friday morning, according to her husband of 10 years, Robert Schrull. Meltzer knows more about the situation at hand, but he didn’t want to specifically say anything until he has more information on the case. Meltzer plans on talking to the police later today to gather more information regarding her sudden death.

When Martel passed away on Friday, there were a number of people in WWE who were downright embarrassed by the way her death was placed far down on the company’s website, under all of the reports of Vince McMahon’s “demise.” It has led to discussions internally about ending the angle, but in the end, the storyline will likely continue.

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