RAW Report 7/5/10 Nashville, Tennessee

This week’s RAW starts with Nexus lined up in the ring. Huge heat for them. Wade said the new GM of RAW sent him an email telling him to assemble Nexus is the ring at the start of RAW in order to receive their punishment for their actions. More heat from the fans. Wade says he’s going to tell all of us the same thing he told the GM. That is this, they cannot reveal right now why they had to do what they did to Mr. McMahon, but rest assured, it needed to happen. It’s all a part of a bigger picture. A much bigger picture. Even more heat for the Nexus, more than I’ve heard for any one person or group in a VERY long time. VKM thought he controlled Nexus, but that’s not the case. Things change very, very quickly. WHAT? Like all the fans, VKM had no idea of their agenda. That being said, Mr. Sheffield has something to say about Ricky Steamboat. Skip says that unlike what they did to Mr. McMahon, what they did to Ricky Steamboat, they did that for fun. See, they found a loophole in the GM’s ruling and exploited it. The fans won’t admit it, but they loved every second of it. Watched like rubberneck on a high way gawking at the scene of an accident. Fact is more people are interested in his DVD now that they attacked him. As they see it, he should be thanking every one of them. Don’t even go out… Ding-Ding! Not just that, but the lights in the arena flashed along with the Ding-Ding! Cole got up to his podium, putting his glasses on. He says he received an email from the GM of RAW. He’s decided on his punishment for Nexus. For their assault on VKM. “None of the Nexus can compete for a WWE title until further notice.” They didn’t look happy. “Furthermore, as of this moment, the ruling of Nexus members not being able to touch RAW superstars, and vice-versa, has been lifted.” King said that this could be open season. Of course Cena’s music hit immediately. He came out with a very serious look on his face. On the stage he took off his dog tags. Cena says the seven of them have done quite a lot since they got there, but there’s one thing they haven’t done… Cena kissed his tags and put them in his pocket. He then says they haven’t gotten themselves into a fair fight. The fans go wild. By his math, that would make the numbers seven on seven. Out came Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Orton, Morrison, Tyson Kidd and DH Smith. They lined up with Cena, then he led them to the ring. Before the seven faces made it to the ring they were attacked from behind. The leader of that group was Edge. There was also Ted DiBiase, the Usos, Miz, Sheamus and Jericho. The fight moves into the ring and Sheamus was tossed out. All the heels were removed except one of the Uso boys. Cena nailed an AA on him and he rolled out. Sheamus grabbed a mic on stage and said that Cena just doesn’t get it, does he? Cena says it’s him who doesn’t get it. What the hell is he doing? What the hell are the rest of them doing? They just had them! Why did they do that? Sheamus says the one superstar they keep taking out over and over is Cena. Sheamus says maybe they don’t want them taken out. He doesn’t know what their agenda is. They’ve seen them take out Cena, Bret Hart and everybody on this stage supports it. Last week Cena asked him to join Cena in the fight against Nexus. Him and everybody there respectfully decline. If his friend have any brains, they should too. Orton takes the mic and tells Sheamus to listen up and listen good. He and Cena aren’t friends and probably never will be, unless they have to. The Nexus is a serious threat to each and every one of them. Edge, what’s the matter with you? Has Edge forgotten how the Nexus jumped them at the Fatal 4 Way? Forget it, forget it. If they can’t take out Nexus, why don’t they finish what they started with the seven of them? Ding-Ding! Heat from the fans. Cole says the GM says, “Don’t even think about fighting right now. If you want action tonight, you’ll get it. All eight members of the MITBLM will be in action together in a series of matches. Cena, later tonight, will step in the ring with Wade Barrett, but it’s not going to be a match.” the GM want Cena and Barrett to shake hands and call a truce. Cena looks shell shocked. Cena says they all know the anonymous GM is watching. So, Anonymous GM, how about instead of shaking the hand of Wade Barrett in a truce, he makes a fist and punches Wade Barrett out? The fans love this! Cena asks if that works. Ding-Ding! The GM says, “John, with all due respect, I need you to be the bigger man here. I trust you’ll do the ring thing. If not, your actions will be met with appropriate consequences and that’s…” Cole stops dead in his reading. “And that’s the bottom line because the GM said so!” The fans go wild at the implications that it must be Stone Cold Steve Austin (doubt it.) Cena looks pensive. Many of the others in the ring talk about what this means. Cena leaves the ring, still looking pissy.

– Commercial

Morrison out to the ring. Ted out with Maryse in a tight white dress. Maryse out to announce. She got nasty at Cole, but nice to King.

Ted kicks Morrison, Morrison kicked back but then slammed to the mat. Ted stands on Morrison’s gut. Maryse tells Cole that she loves Ted. She loves money, Ted has money, therefore… Knees to Morrison’s gut. Snap mare on Morrison, then Ted locks his legs around Morrison’s waist, then forearms to his chest. Morrison hung up top on the rope. Ted pins for two. Ted puts a foot in Morrison’s face. Morrison comes back, but Ted on Morrison. Morrison manages to roll Ted up for two. Clothesline then dropkick on Ted for two. Ted nails a scoop slam on Morrison for two. Maryse cut Cole off because she had a phone call. She continues to talk in French on her cell. Enziguri to Ted and both are down. Maryse grabs Morrison’s jacket and puts it on. Up on the steps and Ted pokes Morrison in the eye. Morrison blinded as Maryse goes back down to ringside. Dream street and Ted pins for three.

– Winner – Ted DiBiase

Maryse into the ring, kisses Ted on the cheek. She removes Morrison’s coat and throws it down, disgusted. Video of the ending of the match. Maryse and Ted walk up the ramp arm and arm, laughing.

Backstage Kozlov walking along. Santino walks up and continues along with him. Santino talks about Italy and Russia back together again and how great it is, how great they’ll be. Kozlov stops and says something in Russian. Santino was confused. Kozlov says it means if they lose, it will be his fist to Santino’s face. They continue on, Santino looking bewildered.

At announce Cole starts talking about Nexus and their attacks on everyone in the WWE, including Cena. Video of the first attack on Cena. Cole then says Cena will meet Barrett in the ring to make peace, but will it happen?

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Slam Of The Week – Santino faced Kozlov. Kozlov easily won. Regal in and attacked Santino. Kozlov made the same and then carried Santino up the ramp over his shoulders.

Santino out to the ring, Kozlov right with him. Santino bounces around him like a little Chihuahua puppy around a bulldog. They readied for the match. Regal out and says they might have gotten the better of them last week, but they’ve made an enemy out of him. He will use all the bile and venom in his veins to get revenge. Regrettable for them he used his powers of persuasion and he’s got a monster. Out comes Khali with his brother in tow. Cole says Singh wants his brother to be more aggressive in the ring.

Regal and Kozlov lock up. Shoulder block drops Regal. Front facelock on Regal as Santino begs to get in. Santino up on the first ropes, then second, tries for the third, but then down to the first again. A very light axe handle to Regal. Santino then acts like he’s kicking, but misses completely. He yells at Regal to do something, fight! Santino gets ready for his serpent move and Regal attacks. Regal throws Santino and Kozlov tags in. Kozlov sends Regal flying, then slams Regal for three.

– Winners: Kozlov & Santino

Santino dances around Kozlov and then hugs him around the waist for the win. Khali in and yells at Regal to get up. Santino and Kozlov get Regal up and Khali chops him in the head. The ref rolls Regal out as Singh in and they dance with Santino and Kozlov. Kozlov more stood back and watched, shaking his head, but smiling.

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King says last week Nexus ruined what should have been a very special moment for Ricky Steamboat. Then tonight they said they did it for fun. To King that’s not the actions of professionals, that’s the actions of a bunch of punks. Video recap of last week’s attack.

Backstage Arn Anderson’s with Josh. Josh says it’s hard to watch. Does he know how Steamboat is? Arn says it’s hard to watch, hard to stomach, hard to live through. It’s a lot of things. Ricky’s bad, real bad. Doctors are saying it’s serious. He’s 57. More than that Ricky’s one of the good guys. Sheamus showed up behind Arn. Arn told Josh to get out of there (pretty cool). Sheamus tells Arn to cry him a river. Sheamus asks if he’s going to cry. Arn used to be the Enforcer, now he’s a pathetic old man. Arn says he used to be a lot of things, he knows that. One thing he wasn’t was blind and stupid. He asked Sheamus if he understands what’s happening to his company? Doesn’t he know what hostile takeover means? Even as Champion he’s not safe. If he doesn’t put his problems aside with Cena, Orton, Jericho and Edge and realize one of their greatest strengths is understanding their weaknesses. Their weaknesses are their egos. If they don’t put it aside the company’s going to go up in smoke. Sheamus tells Arn to listen to him. He’s WWE Champion and he’s not. There’s a big difference between the 4 Horsemen and Nexus. They’re smarter than the Horsemen ever were. They know not to interfere in his business. Arn tells him to keep thinking that. He says he’s smart enough to know this. Sheamus better listen up, right now he’s the champ of a thriving company. But if he doesn’t get together with the guys in the locker room, he might be a great white shark circling a mud hole. Sheamus laughs and tells Arn he must have been kicked in the head harder than he thought last week. Sheamus doesn’t need anybody, he’s the WWE Champion. Arn shakes his head and says he just doesn’t get it. Arn stomps off as Sheamus looks down at his gold.

Eve’s invoking her re-match clause and will face Fox later in the show. R-Truth and Miz is next.

– Commercial

WWE Classics – talk a lot about Yokozuna and trying to find someone who can body slam him. July 4, 1993 on the USS Intrepid. A hero emerged, Lex Lugar slammed him and made all of America proud!

R-Truth in the ring singing and getting the fans pumped up. Cheap pop and they love it. Miz out singing to R-Truth’s music, but his own words and about MITBLM. He chants ‘The Miz’ each time, rather than ‘What’s up?’ The music stops and there’s heat for him. He gets in the ring and gives his call phrase, but hits R-Truth over the head with the mic rather than saying the word awesome.

Miz on R-Truth, stomping him in a corner. R-Truth rolls out and Miz follows. Slams R-Truth’s hand on the stairs, then R-Truth into the ring post. Miz pulls R-Truth into the ring post. “You suck!” chants. R-Truth on the apron and Miz keeps working on R-Truth’s arm. Miz back into the ring, keeps working over R-Truth’s arm. King says, “Stepping on the face of the Miz.” Definitely a mistake as it was R-Truth’s face. Miz held R-Truth’s arm through the ropes, then slammed back. R-Truth screeched and flew off the apron. Ref and trainer to R-Truth’s side right in front of announce while Miz smirks in the ring. Video of Miz hitting R-Truth over the head, then keeping on that left arm/shoulder. The problem is that the replay showed how faked the last move was. R-Truth sits up and absolutely nothing happens to his shoulder. As the trainers help R-Truth away Miz asks how it feels? Good, that exactly what he wanted it to do. He’s always saying the truth hurts. That’s going to happen a lot. That will happen to everyone who steps in the ring with him, he’ll make it hurt. That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome.

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Video of Miz’s attack on R-Truth.

Edge out to the ring. Ladders set up and a briefcase over the ring. Edge says before they begin, a moment of silence for R-Truth. He only knew one song, but he did it oh so well. Now about the comments Orton made about Edge and Nexus. It’s true, they did attack him at the Fatal 4 Way. The question begs, does he let that slide? Here’s the thing, he’s smarter than Orton. Smarter than everyone else here. Why make seven enemies when you can make seven powerful allies. They only need direction, someone to steer the ship. He could do that for seven powerful allies. He knows where this is heading. In a few weeks he’s in the RAW MITBLM. The person who grabs that briefcase has always become Champion. The winning the MITB Match is equal to winning the championship. He knows all about it because he’s done it twice. Something his two guests haven’t been able to do. Especially a spunky little guy with a whole lot of heart and determination. Evan Bourne. Out comes Jericho looking rather pissed, stomping right to the ring, staring at Edge. Jericho right in and stares at Edge. Jericho says he doesn’t take a back seat to Evan Bourne, these hypocrites, or Edge. He knows Edge is out here pandering to Nexus. Hoping they don’t attack Edge again. Jericho was his pro during season one. It was the confidence he instilled in Wade that made him win. He told Wade to make an impact. He hopes that all this caused by Nexus was because of his influence. Even destroying Steamboat, the way Jericho did at WM. So if anyone would lead Nexus, it’s Jericho. Edge asks why would they want someone who could barely beat Evan two weeks ago? Jericho says the same guy who beat Edge at WM. The fans loved that. Edge says he’s talked about this before. His mind was clouded by worrying what these sheep thought about him. He did himself a favor and doesn’t care any more. Edge says the fin begins in two weeks because MITBLM is his match. He might just cash it in after he’s compete in a cage match, a little history lesson. Jericho says no, the history lesson is that since Edge came into the WWE he’s idolized Jericho, wanted to be Jericho. Yeah! Jericho has long blond hair, so does Edge. Jericho wins a title, Edge does too. Jericho gets his own talk show, so does Edge. All Edge has wanted to be is Jericho. Just like Evan he wants to knock him off his perch, but he can’t be knocked off because he’s the greatest performer of this generation or any other. He’s the most valuable performer in this company. He can’t be replaced. At MITB, Jericho will win and become Champion. He’ll make sure Edge never gets another title shot. Edge knocks Jericho down then sets up ladders as he wants them. Jericho comes out and tries to get Edge into the walls. Evan out and flies, landing on Jericho, taking him down. Evan jumps over the spear. Jericho up, but both Evan and Edge dodge him. Ding-Ding! Cole tells them to wait a moment please. The GM asks, “If you want to see some action, give me a hell yeah!” Of course the fans do just that! “Clear the ring of the Cutting Edge Set. Jericho and Edge will face Evan and Orton.” Orton’s music hits and the fans go wild. Evan smiles and nods at the end of the ramp. Orton stomps out. He says something to Evan and they enter the ring together. Edge and Jericho flee. Orton poses and the fans go wild.

– Commercial

Evan and Jericho start. Jericho slams Evan into a corner and slams him down. Forearm to Evan’s face. Evan nails a high knee and then a back elbow in a corner. Low dropkick in a corner for two. Orton tags in and the fans are wild. Evan holds Jericho and Orton kicks him. Back elbows in a corner to Jericho. Jericho whipped and Orton sets him up. Jericho flees and tags in Edge. Edge really doesn’t want in, but has to. They lock up. Knee then punch to Orton. Edge is whipped, comes out into a clothesline. Knee drop for two. Snap mare to Edge, then Orton stomps his way around Edge. Orton stares at Jericho, stomps Edge. Orton pulls Edge to his corner, tags in Evan. Drop toe hold from Orton and Evan nails a low dropkick to Edge’s head for two. Evan kicks Edge’s thigh then head. Edge punches back but then rushes to tag out. Evan works over Jericho’s legs with kicks. Jericho rolls out. The ref makes sure Orton doesn’t move, so Evan dropkicks through the ropes, then flies off the top onto Jericho. Back in Evan kicks Jericho more. Jericho throws Evan off his game and Evan eats a clothesline. Orton wants in.

– Commercial

Body lock on Evan by Edge. During the break Jericho really worked Evan over. Evan up, but slammed back to the mat for two. Edge watches Orton and tags Jericho in. Backbreaker on Evan and Jericho continues to bend Evan over his knee. Evan manages to knee out. Both down. Edge tags in and stops Evan from tagging Orton. Edge gets Evan up for a delayed, Evan knees out and then kicks Edge in the chest. Both down. They both tag out. Orton clotheslines Jericho twice, then scoop slam which Cole calls ‘vintage’ Orton. The fans are wild. Jericho on the apron. Orton nails his DDT on Jericho through the ropes. Orton down punching the mat (much more carefully). Edge comes up behind Orton, but Orton takes him out quickly. Enziguri from Jericho! Edge up on the apron and tags in. Edge stomps the heck out of Orton, mostly his shoulder. The ref backs him off. Jericho works from the apron. Jericho tags in and chokes Orton in the corner with his foot. “RKO” chants. Orton fights back against both of them. Punches to Jericho but Orton runs into a really solid dropkick for two. Snap mare on Orton into a chinlock on the mat. “Randy” chants fill the arena. Jericho nails Orton with a bulldog but Orton moves out of the way of the lionsault. Both are down. Jericho reaches for the tab but Edge stares. Finally Edge reaches and slaps Jericho’s hand. Evan gets the tag and bounces into the ring. Head scissors and then a dropkick on Edge. Spinning kick to Edge’s face. Edge face first into a corner. Evan off the second ropes but into Edge’s foot. Jericho takes Edge’s tag, screaming at him the whole time about listening to Jericho and taking his tag. Jericho walks right into a kick to the head. Jericho and head down. Edge has that look in his face and spears Jericho. Edge out the other side of the ring. Evan looks shocked. Evan up as Orton points high. Evan hits his beautiful SSP for three.

– Winners – Evan Bourne & Randy Orton

Evan all excited and celebrating in the ring. Orton spins him around and nails an RKO. Orton then gives that smirk and the fans are back to cheering him! King talks about them all being in the MITBLM, so no one’s safe. Video recap of high points in this match, including the RKO on Evan.

Video of Nexus’ first assault on Cena.

– Commercial

Backstage Orton walks along. Otunga, Tarver and Slater are standing there. Otunga says they just want to talk. He knows their group jumped Orton and a couple others in the Fatal 4 Way. Orton says that was his opportunity to become Champion. Tarver says only because he was making a statement against the WWE management. Interrupting the championship match was part of it. Slater says, on the part of Nexus, they won’t interfere in the MITBLM. Otunga says however, depending on how this truce goes tonight, he can’t says about the Cage Match between Sheamus and Cena. He can’t say what will happen after the cage is raised, he doesn’t know what will happen. He does know the Champion will be in very vulnerable position. Whoever wins MITB… If he’s involved in some stupid holey war, they can make sure there’s not a new Champion. They want Orton to remember this when Cena tries to recruit him. Orton says he’s heard them, not get out of his face. Orton grits his teeth and tightens the muscles in his face.

King says you don’t make deals with the devils. Cole then talks about the Supershow tomorrow night in Atlanta. They go on to talk about the MITB PPV. R-Truth is not able to compete due to Miz’s attack, so there’s an open slot for this match. SD!’s MITBLM has two open slots. Swagger faces Mysterio for the WWE WHC. Cena faces Sheamus for the WWE Title.

Backstage Josh says during the last commercial there was another email from the RAW GM and there will be another title shot at the MITB PPV. The Hart Dynasty will defend their Unified Tag Team Titles against the Usos. Josh has Jimmy, Jey and Tamina there with him. They milled around Josh. He says they must be elated about their title. One of the boys says that’s what they’ve been waiting for since coming into WWE. There’s an opportunity for Josh to put some money in the Uso’s pocket. He bets his brother that Josh doesn’t know if he’s talking to Jey or Jimmy. $1,000? The other agreed. Josh didn’t know, so the one who posed the bet one. Tamina said to let her educate Josh. The first one talking was Jimmy, the other Jey. It’s okay, he’s just like the Hart Dynasty, ignorant. In two weeks they’ll be the new Unified Tag Team Champs, but as of next week everyone will know what the Usos and Tamina are all about. They head off to the ring and Fox comes in on the left. She taps Josh on the shoulder. He turns and says hello to Alicia. She says it’s been two weeks since she won the Divas Championship and Josh hasn’t interviewed her once. Not once. Is it because he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say? Is it because the Divas Champion’s not worth his time? Josh stayed quiet. She tells Josh he’s lucky to be in her presence right now, so she’s going to give him the answer to the question he doesn’t have the guts to ask. No! at the Fatal 4 Way it wasn’t a fluke she walked away with the title. If he doesn’t believe it, watch what she’s going to do to Eve!

– Commercial

SummerSlam Recall – Wembley Stadium, London – Davey Boy Smith faced Bret Hart. Diana Hart spoke about supporting her husband in the match. Smith beat Hart while Diana looked on. The brothers-in-law hugged after and Diana raised Bret’s and Davey’s hands on each side of her.

Fox out to the ring in gold. Video of Fox winning the Divas Championship at the Fatal 4 Way PPV. Fox was cuddling her gold. Eve out in a pink top with darker pink boy shorts and knee pads, but the trim on all pieces matched as if they are supposed to be together – but it didn’t really work.

They lock up. Fox telegraphs and Eve rolls over her back. Two dropkicks to Fox for two. Eve threw Fox across the ring. Fox is acting like her ankle’s really hurt. Eve touches Fox and she screeches in pain. Fox says she can do this, the ref isn’t sure. Fox wants to continue. Fox knees Eve in the gut and then Booker T’s scissor kick to Eve for three.

– Winner: Alicia Fox

The ref wasn’t impressed with Fox. He checks on Eve while Fox fakes a limp and makes fun of the whole thing on her way up the ramp.

Video of more of the Nexus attack on Cena.

– Commercial

Wade Barrett comes out to the ring. He stands there as the heat grows. Wade tells Cena that the RAW GM ordered them to shake hands and call a truce. Everything they’ve done has had a purpose, it’s just unfortunate that Cena’s been caught in the middle of it. He asks Cena to come out so they can shake hands like men. Cena comes out, looks back behind things to make sure he’s not going to be jumped. Warily he looks all around as he comes out to the ring. Around the ring, through the crowd, then he goes up to the ring and in. Wade says they’ve caused him a lot of harm and cost him his WWE Championship. But he want Cena to know that he’s not in their future plans. He’s out there representing the Nexus, shake his hand. He wants to look to the future and move on. The Nexus seven will be around for a long time. They can make this easy or make it hard. The choice is Cena’s. Wade looks to Cena. Cena says the choice is his? Wade nods. Cena steps closer. They shake hands right here, right now and this stops. No more chaos? No more looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes? It stop? One fan yells out, “Just hit him!” Cena says this anonymous GM wanted to do this truce. Cena needs to know he wants to do this truce. He needs Wade’s word. Where Cena comes from, his word’s all he’s got (I’ve been to Newburyport, it’s not a rough, tough hood). Cena says they shake hands right now and this stops. The same fan as earlier yells, “Don’t do it Wade!” Tons of yelling from the fans. Cena wipes his hand on his shirts like a little boy, then extends his hand. As Wade reaches for it Cena swings his hand wide and loudly says, “Why stop when we’re having so much fun?” Cena’s voice cracked a couple times, just as bad as my 14 year old son! The women and children cheer, boos from the men. They have a little bit in common! He doesn’t dwell in the past, he looks toward the future. The future, a wonderful time when cars fly and every kid has a sweet hoverboard, they have robot butlers and the Nexus runs rampant on Monday night RAW. Man, it sounds to awesome! Cena needs to check with the magic 8 ball to make sure it’s true. Ask again later Cena says as Wade glares. Cena says he hates these things, so he tries again. Oh, this is one Wade will love. Take his truces, take his handshakes, take his future plans, his past plans, his long term plans, his short term plans, crumple them and shove them up his Nexus! The fans went wild for this. Cena says that just like Wade he looks forward to the future. You know what the future is? Cena takes him down. Not just Wade Barrett. Every single one of them, he takes them down! Whether he does it himself, whether he has help. He gets to every single one of them. That’s the future. He has Cena’s word on it. Cena walks away, but Wade starts talking as Cena’s about to go through the ropes. Wade says that Cena’s even capable of standing in this ring tonight is a testament to the fact that what they’ve done to Cena in the past is nothing compared to what they could do to him in the future. It doesn’t have to be that way John, it was never about him! Look at Nexus, they’ve taken out the former GM, Bret Hart. They’ve taken out the company chairman, Mr. McMahon. Wade warns Cena, it’s his last chance. Shake his hand, or Wade promises Cena will face some very, very severe consequences. Cena takes a couple steps back toward Wade. Wade’s hand is out. Cena seems to think about it. Cena steps in, and takes Wade’s hand. Wade takes that as a shake and starts to turn. Cena still has Wade’s hand and pulls him back. Wade’s up, then Wade’s down as Cena puts him down as the rest of the Nexus comes running. Slater’s the first in, Otunga right behind him. They all plow in and Wade ends up under the pile, with Cena, getting pummeled, briefly. The fans go wild as Evan runs down and into the ring only to be engulfed by the Nexus. Fans are wild as Morrison runs in, but they’re on him. Mark Henry’s music. He comes out and waves an arm. Khali, Kozlov, Goldust, the Hart Dynasty all run down and plow into the ring to join the fight. Yoshi and Santino are also in there. The Nexus flees, Darren Young was the only one left in the ring with them mostly staring up at the rest of Nexus, but a few watching Young closely. Ding-Ding! Cole calls for everyone’s attention, please. He says the GM says, “I wanted peace. So if things don’t stop now, there will be consequences.” The RAW faces are lined up at the bottom of the ramp, Cena in the ring. Nexus on stage, but I think Young’s still in the ring. Cena locks an STF on Young in the ring. Young screams as Cena pulls back. Ding-Ding! Cole calls, John! John! The GM say, “Cena, because of your actions. You’ll now face all members of the Nexus next week in a Seven On One Handicap Match.” Cena looked really upset with himself. Young crawled across the ring. He got to the ropes, but then Cena ran at him and attacked. Punches stomps and an upper cut. Young is whipped across the ring and comes out to Cena’s clothesline. All of the RAW faces and Nexus boys are gone from the ramp and stage. “Cena” chants, the fans stomping and pounding. Cena toyed with Young and then threw him shoulder first into a ring post. Cena was seething mad and looked about to leave, but then changed his mind. Cena goes out, grabs the top layer of stairs and throws them at Young who had just gotten to his feet. Cena then shook as if he was Bruce Banner about to change into his alter ego. Cena grabbed Young and threw him over announce as King yelled at Cole to get out of the way. Cena then rolled the announce desk over on Young. Cena then got into the ring. The camera showed Young hunkered down. Cena again clenched and shook, turning bright red. Cena held up six fingers, then one to tell Nexus that it’s now six on one next week. All of the fans cheered for Cena. Not just the women and children were behind Cena, but everyone cheered and screamed for him.

Biggest pop
Evan Bourne
Mark Henry & his posse

Biggest heat
Nexus – The most heat I’ve heard in years!

I really thought there was no help for Cena short of going full blown heel, but I was wrong. I also never thought I’d hear a whole arena behind Cena again, wrong there too. I’m absolutely blown away at the way Cena handled that segment. He appears to be turning into an Orton-type face, not always the goody-goody, but still someone you want to root for. Hopefully this will turn things around for Cena with the male WWE fans over the age of fifteen. I feared that the Nexus Invasion was starting to lose some speed, but this turned things around. It’s all exciting again and Cena’s a whole new man. I’m impressed.

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