RAW Report 4/4/11 Atlanta, Georgia

This first post WMXXVII RAW starts with music and pyro with our beloved JR on announce talking!!!

To announce and there is King and JR, the way it should be!

Triple H’s music and he comes out in jeans, HHH t-shirt and sunglasses with water bottle in hand. He drinks, then spits and poses to huge pop. Trip into the ring, limping, up on the corners to pose. His music stops and he looks around, listening to the cheers and chants. He says this is the most tired and beat up he thinks he’s ever been in his life. Last night 71,000 fans in the Georgia Dome. He stood in the ring at WM against Taker and the undefeated streak. He’s never been a nervous or emotional guy, a guy who gets rattled. He stood in that ring with 71,000 fans watching and that GONG hit, he almost hyperventilated, he’s never been that nervous in his life. He’s wrestled Taker, heck he’s wrestled him at WM before. Never like this. The streak has become everything to him and he’s willing to destroy himself for it. Trip hit him harder than he has in his entire life. He beat on Taker like no man in his entire life and he kept getting up. Just kept coming.

They both left everything they had in that ring last night. Cheers from the fans. For Trip it wasn’t good enough. He hears a lot of people talking today about that match. You can call him what you want. The Phenom, the Deadman, Supernatural. No man ever walk through his stuff like that. No man been hit like that by Trip and kept coming. Trip struggling with it today. Guess it’s just willpower. You can call him those things, but what was carried out on a stretcher was a man. A man willing to destroy himself to keep that streak intact. A lot of people are talking today about the fact that he got carted out, that he’s just a man and will never be the same. Trip says he’ll never be the same! But a lot of people are saying that’s it, he’s done, won’t be back. If that’s the case, Trip’s not buying it. Just in case, he wanted to say one thing.

Off comes the sunglasses. He wanted to thank the Deadman. Thank you. Taker gave Trip the fight of his life. Thank you. Here’s the thing, ’cause Trip doesn’t believe Taker won’t be back, not after what he felt last night. Not after that magic. Taker will be back. When he’s back, Trip will be waiting. Trip drops the mic, his music plays, the fans cheer. (I will admit I’m a bit choked up.) Trip poses again for the fans before leaving the ring as JR speaks to King about what Trip and Taker did last night in the ring. Up on stage Trip back up and poses once more.

JR says he hears Cole is there and will be coming out to challenge King. King says it’s a rumor, but he’s dressed for it.

– Commercial

JR and King talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock and Cena on the show tonight. JR asks King about his match. King says he was proud and it was an unbelievable feeling to walk out –

Cole out in the horrid orange outfit. He says despite overcoming odds last night at WM. Despite Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cole was victorious. He overcame odds to beat King. The world wasn’t talking about the streak or Rock, the world was talking about Cole. The WWE Universe was talking about how Cole stole the show and is now 1-0! Undefeated at WM! With HBK in the HOF, the WWE Universe will forever refer to Cole as Mr. WM!

King tells Cole, will he please shut his pie hole! First of all, Cole didn’t beat anybody. A stupid compute beat King. King made Cole tap out and he was crying like a little girl. “You tapped out!” chants. Cole, in his record book, he might go down as a winner, but will forever be known as a worthless jackass.

Cole tells him quite the way to stand up like a man. Even with Stone Cold Steve Austin, King couldn’t win. Why can’t King admit Cole is a better athlete and man. To prove this, why don’t they prove it. Prove it with a rematch. Prove he’s still the King. King tells Cole he’s on! Right now! Cole’s not talking about a WM rematch. Cole beat King. He’s talking about a rematch with this man. Out comes Swagger.

Jerry ‘The King Lawler vs. Jack Swagger w/ Michael Cole.

King is in the ring. Cole and Swagger drop to do pushups on the ramp, then down into the ring. Cole is ringside.

They lock up, King into the corner. Blows to King, even when the ref tries to stop him. Swagger back at King, but eats blows of his own! King ducks a clothesline. Shoulders to King’s gut in a corner. King whipped, but moves and Swagger eats the corner. “Jerry!” chants. Swagger kicks King, picks him up and slams King to the mat. Swagger with a double leg drop, but King moves. King pins for two. King runs the ropes, right into a clothesline. Swagger stomps King on the mat. Swagger walks on and over King. Swagger backs off, runs and tries for his Swagger bomb, but King moves.

Blows to Swagger, then a drop kick to Swagger. King up on the second ropes as Cole on the apron. King goes after Cole who rolls into the ring. King catches him and pounds on Cole. Swagger grabs King with an ankle lock. King has to tap out.

Winner – Swagger

Swagger keeps the ankle lock on, refusing to let go. The ref goes and talks to Justin. The ref overturns the decision. Cole then goes over and screams at Cole. Cole goes into his Mine and finds JR’s BBQ sauce. JR wipes his eyes and then chases Cole out of there. Cole continues to spray JR with sauce, then runs!

Winner – King!

– Commercial

Video of Cole’s attack on JR with Cole talking over it, saying how everyone’s jealous of Cole. Everyone bought tickets to see Cole win at WM. Cole rips on the BBQ sauce and everything else, going way too far. Booker T and Josh are now on announce.

Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk & Cody Rhodes

Orton out to the ring. Josh thanked Cole for the stunners last night, stating they were all Cole’s fault. Rey out in white. Cody out, hiding his face. Punk out staring through Orton the whole way to the ring.

Cody and Orton lock up. Orton backed into a corner and stomped down. More blows to Orton, then Cody runs the ropes. Orton his version of the Thesz press. Rey tags in and is worked by Cody. Rey fights back, snap mare and tries to remove Cody’s mask, but Cody flees to his corner.

– Commercial

Snap mare on Cody. Orton stomps on Cody for two. Orton holds Cody and tags in Rey. Cody slammed to the mat and Rey springboards a leg drop. Cody gains control and tags out. Punk stares at Orton, then forearms to Rey. Cody tags in and they double team back elbows, but the Rey gets an inside cradle for two.

Orton tags in, but Cody kicks at that knee and backs Orton into a corner. Orton whipped but comes out with a clothesline for two. Orton rushes Punk who drops from the apron, distracting Orton so Cody can back kick at Orton’s knee. Punk then grabs at Orton from outside as Cody distracts the ref. Punk is kicks back into the barrier. Cody then chop blocks Orton from hen hind and he goes down. Cody stomps Orton’s leg.

Punk tags in and the both stomp Orton. Punk gets Orton up, turns to smile at Rey and gets free, but Punk right back on that knee. Punk pins Orton for two. Punk stomps on Orton.

– Commercial

Punk, on the mat working over Orton’s knee. Up to their feet and Orton suplexes Punk to the mat. Both are down. Orton tries to get to Rey, Punk grabs his leg. Orton hits Punk, then tags out. Rey flies and takes Punk down. Snap mare to Punk, then a big kick. Punk picks up Rey and slams him into the heel corner. Orton over and trips Cody on the apron. Rey sets up Punk, but Cody stops Rey’s 619 with a big kick to Rey. Punk pins for two.

Cody tags in and stomps on Rey. Rey whipped hard and falls to the mat. Cody drags Rey to his corner and tags in Punk. Cody with Rey’s feet, Punk with his arms, they fling Rey high in the air and let him go. Punk pins of two. Rey in an act of futility reaches toward Cody, but no luck. Rey up on Punk, but then turns it into head scissors sending Punk to eat turnbuckle padding. Bpoth Punk and Rey manage to tag out.

Orton explodes from his corner with clotheslines on Cody, then that sick scoop slam! Cody to the apron, then through the ropes with that DDT in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Orton! Orton pounds the mat, but then Punk distracts Orton from outside. Orton hits his ‘Angle slam’ on Cody. Orton pins Cody, but Punk breaks the count. Rey in and sends Punk flying from the ring. Orton sets up Cody. Rey hit’s the 619. Orton then hit’s the RKO for three!

Winner – Orton & Mysterio

Cody is left holding his face on the mat as both Orton and Rey pose on corners.

Backstage Stone Cold Steve Austin is heading for the ring, then stops when he see Trip. Austin says he doesn’t know if it will happen again, but if it does, he’ll be there. Austin puts out a hand. Trip takes Austin’s hand. Austin tells Trip, “Hell of a match, man.” Trip thanks Austin as they shake. Austin continues to the ring.

– Commercial

Promo for Sin Cara.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the ring. “Austin” chants. “Aw, hell yeah!” Tough Enough is debuting after RAW. Ready for some Tough Enough, give him a ‘Hell yeah!” Austin calls out the ‘kids’ to Austin’s ring. They all come out waving to the fans. They’re going to open a can of whoop ass on them. 14 fine human beings, but only one in the end and that’s Stone Cold’s choice and that’s all he has to say about that. He’s going to have them introduce themselves. He’ll let the fans find out about these fine people in his ring.
Ryan Howe, 23, from Kentucky. He’s there to be a wrestler. Austin told them to be short and sweet, they’re in his ring!
Christina Crawford, future WWE Diva.
Andy Leavine from Tampa.
AJ Kirsch and this is what he was born to do.
Ariane Andrew, and she is the next WWE Diva.
Luke Robinson, Auburn, Maine (about ½ hour from where I live), future legend.
What’s up Atlanta, Georgia? Jeremiah Riggs, from Mississippi. Always representing the dirty south!
Rima Fakih, you can be hot, sexy and tough.
Mickael Zaki and aint nobody tougher than him!
Ivelisse Velez, from Puerto Rico. She’s there to give the WWE fans what they want, the best entertainment they’ve ever seen!
Eric Watts, Southern California.
Matt Capicconi, Cleveland, Ohio
Michelle Deighton, (of America’s Next Top Model fame and Married to Johhny Fairplay from Survivor) and she’s definitely good looking enough to be a Diva.
Martin Casaus, Salt Lake City, Utah and can’t wait to wrestling in front of the WWE Universe.

Austin says they’re a fine looking bunch of human beings. “Stun them all!” chants start in the front row, Austin grins down at them. He goes on to say it takes a lot to make it in the squared circle –

Miz cuts Austin off! Cole is on his desk, still in the horrible orange gear. A-Ri is in a tux, Miz in black three piece suit, red shirt. “Miz is awesome!” chants. Miz says Stone Cold is right. All he heard in 2004 on Tough Enough, people told him to go back to the Real World. After last night no one will ever tell him where to go again. Want to talk about Tough Enough? About valor and determination? Then look at this! Cena tacked Miz over the barrier, Miz’s head cracking on the cement. Last night he had a concussion that would have ended most mens’ careers. But he continued on and retained the WWE Championship. He doubts any in the ring will do that. They can always dream. He just headlined WM and beat Cena. He’s the most must see champ in history. The new face of the WWE.

Miz gets in the ring and calls Eric Watts, Buckwheat for his fro. Miz tells them to get a good hard look, soak it in, as this is the closest they’ll get to a WWE Championship. Miz the turns and looks at a smirking Austin. Miz asks Steve if he wants to hold his WWE Championship too? Is Austin thinking what Miz is thinking? Thinking Austin has one more run? Thinks he Tough Enough? “One more match!” chants fill the arena, louder and louder! Miz says they should clear this ring and see if he can have one more match!

Austin simply says, “Clear the ring.”

Miz gets a cheap shot, then A-Ri attacks from behind and Miz flees the ring. A-Ri beats Austin down in a corner. Then Austin turns the tables on A-Ri, Booker taking JR’s words and saying, “Gonna stomp a mud hole in ‘im!” Austin stomps away on A-Ri! Austin pulls A-Ri up who fights back. Austin sends A-Ri running the ropes until Austin hits his Thesz press, pounding away on A-Ri. Josh yells that this is ‘vintage’ Stone Cold Steve Austin! Austin drops an elbow on A-Ri. A-Ri up, then eats a stunner! Austin calls for beer as the Tough Enough kids and fans cheer. Austin calls for beers. One rolls and Michelle Deighton catches it before it rolls from the ring. Austin throws a beer to each kid. Michelle catches her’s then too. Austin leans out, clanks beers with the kids. They drink outside the ring as Austin poses and drinks his. Austin misses a beer here and there as more fly in. Austin then over to the Cole Mine. Cole begs not in there, there’s a lot of equipment in there! Austin dumped beers in the Mine, then throws the cans at Cole. Austin leaves with the kids trailing behind him. (Sorry this took so long. I should have had the Tough Enough kids’ names ready ahead of time. My fault!)

– Commercial

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo & Brodus clay vs. Evan Bourne

Alberto comes out looking really mad, shaking his head and talking to himself the whole way. He smiles a bit, but it’s a cold, evil smile. Brodus walks out after Alberto is getting to the ring. Evan is in the ring. Cole says Austin initiated Cole with beer as he thought Cole last night.

Kicks to Evan. Evan back first into a corner and stomped down. Booker said Alberto didn’t handle the fans and was taken down last night. Hell kick to Alberto. More kicks from Evan to Alberto’s legs, but then runs into a big boot. Another kick to Evan who rolls out. Alberto after Evan and sends Evan flying upside-down into the barrier. Evan slung back into the ring. Alberto pulls on Evan’s face, knee in his back. Then a chinlock, but Evan up and kicks out. Evan rolls Alberto up, but only two. A high knee to Alberto, but only for two. Alberto grabs Evan, flips Evan over his shoulder, but Evan lands on his feet! Evan into a corner and seems to walk up Alberto’s body and sort of flipping himself up top in an amazing way. Starts setting up, but Alberto runs up the corner and kicks Evan in the back of the head. Alberto grabs Evan and puts on that cross arm bar. Evan taps.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Alberto’s mouth is busted open, inside. There is a little bit of blood on his lips and chin. He smiles down at Evan.

– Commercial

Video about WM week and all the events. There was people there from all over the world. Trip signs an autograph for HBK. Booker, Kofi, Bellas, Bryan, Miz all out golfing. Eve to the local library for the Reading Challenge. Trip and Steph at the State House, it was WM week. A bunch of the wrestlers there for the artwork auction.

Cole is ranting again. Next year Cole will take on King in the art show.

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She’s in ring gear with Dolph. Snooki beat Lay-Cool. Dolph didn’t lose last night. He’s full out perfection. Dolph says JoMo got his big WM win, his big moment. Or should he congratulating Snooki? So why don’t they see what they do without their most talented member. Why don’t they come to the ring and not get the job done!

– Commercial

Mixed Tag Match – Dolph & Vickie vs. JoMo & Trish

Dolph and Vickie in the ring. JoMo out in his slo-mo way. Trish out to the ring, all smiles. Josh asks Cole why he’s announcing in a singlet? Cole says he’s an entertainer now. He’s 1-0!

JoMo and Dolph lock up. Dolph on JoMo with punches to the head, then a stomp. JoMo slams Dolph back into a corner with blows. The ref gets JoMo away. JoMo looks pissed as Dolph hides the the ropes. Dolph tags Vickie in. Trish in to answer Vickie’s smack talking. Vickie does a bad cartwheel. Then Trish pins her for one. Vickie rushes Trish who goes matrix. Vickie loses Trish. Trish pins Vickie for two. They talk smack, Vickie pie faces Trish. Trish back with three chops. Dolph distracts and Vickie slams Trish down by her hair. Trish slammed face first to the mat. Trish lifted by her hair, then slammed down. Vickie pins for two. Vickie counts a double leg drop, Trish rolls out of the way and Vickie screeches.

JoMo tags in. Forearms, clotheslines and drop kick to Dolph. JoMo off the ropes, but Dolph moves. Dolph hits a HUGE belly-to-back that was sick! Dolph pins, Trish breaks the count. Dolph verbally attacks Dolph who backs her into a corner. Trish slaps Dolph hard. JoMo slingshots a kick to Dolph. Starship pain to Dolph and it’s over!

Winner – Trish & JoMo

Outside Vickie pitches a huge fit! JoMo and Trish pose for the fans.

– Commercial

United States Championship Match – Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Cole says Sheamus is in red, white and blue because of his Title. Josh talks about the Lumber Jack Match breaking down and ending up a Battle Royal last night.

They lock up. Hammer lock on Sheamus, but he backs Bryan into a corner. Sheamus flings Bryan, then nails Bryan with a double axe handle for two. Short arm clothesline to Bryan, then Sheamus showboats. Sheamus stomps Bryan, then whips Bryan into a corner. Sheamus hits his forearms to Bryan through the ropes as Cole verbally preens and talks himself up. Knee to Bryan through the ropes. Into the ring a chinlock on Bryan. “Daniel Bryan” chants. Bryan rolls Sheamus through, but Sheamus back with a huge Irish curse backbreaker on Bryan for two. Back on Bryan with the chin and arm hold. Bryan to his feet and punches free. Bryan ducks Sheamus and kicks at his chest a couple times. Clotheslines to Sheamus, then Sheamus reverses the whip, but eats both of Bryan’s feet. Big clothesline to Sheamus for two. Bryan reverses out of Sheamus’ move and tries to lock on the LaBell lock, but Sheamus muscles out with a back breaker. Big boot to Bryan for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Sheamus takes his strap and poses, arms high. Sheamus back on Bryan with a knee, then stomps on Bryan in a corner. But then new music! It’s Sin Cara! He comes out to the stage, removes his coat then looks at Sheamus. Sin Cara points and runs. His position on the stage is perfect in that behind him is his blue wings in lights on the back of the stage. As Sin Cara rolls into the ring, over the top rope, his pyro hits! Slingshot hurricanrana, then drop kick sends Sheamus flying from the ring. Sheamus on the apron, gets a kick to the head. Sin Cara up on the top rope, then flies out onto Sheamus in a most beautiful way! Sheamus is left leaning on the rink skirt, eyes wide in shock as Sin Cara is already back up on the stage! It was all so amazingly fast! (I’m afraid of having to play-by-play his matches!)

– Commercial

A commercial for Vin Diesel and Rocky’s new movie Fast Five. Then back to the rest of the commercials. Just timed well.

Cena’s music, then he’s out to the ring in his new red gear. Tons of heat for Cena once his music ends. He shrugs at the fans. He says he knows. There’s a lot of people upset about a certain someone’s actions last night. He’d be remiss if he didn’t think that someone was coming as that someone said on Twitter that he was coming to ‘whoop some candy ass’, so right there Cena knew he wasn’t talking about Zack Ryder! Cena didn’t think that someone selfishly decided the winner of the WWE Championship Match at WM. But you know what, if he didn’t do what he did, the final moment of WM would have been a draw and that would have sucked donkeys!

WM didn’t go the way he wanted it to, but he wants to congratulate someone. The Miz. Cena’s been around long enough to know that it doesn’t matter how you do it, it’s that you did it. Miz walked into WM Champion and left WM still the WWE Champion. There’s something to be said about that. He knows Miz is watching. Miz is still the most annoying person in the world and Cena hopes he doesn’t have another opportunity to face him. But, he thinks these people agree that Miz has earned all their respect.

That brings him back to that certain someone! “Rocky” chants. After hearing him speak for so very long, it’s obvious Cena hasn’t earn his respect. That someone doesn’t like him. That someone is there. That someone was supposed to be the host of WM, but became entangled in Cena’s business. Which means that certain someone and he have business of their own to settle right now! Cena stands and waits, looking up the ramp.


Cena shrugs and looks about to speak, but then –

Rocky’s music hits and he comes out to the ring through HUGE pop! Up on the corner posing in his new bull/flag t-shirt. Up on another corner, fist in the air. Then down into the ring looking at Cena. “Rocky” chants. Rock grabs a mic. “Fruity Pebbles” chants!

Rock tells Cena he wants to be direct. What did Cena think would happen? Poke a shark in the eye, you get swallowed whole! Has the Rock talked trash, you bet your candy ass he did. It’s what the people love. Cena’s wrong about one thing, respect. Rock respects Cena. Rock knows what he’s done. He might have been gone, but he knows. Knows Cena lives and breathes. It’s because of that drive that Cena’s become one of the greatest WWE Superstars, greatest Champions of all time! But it doesn’t change the fact, flat out, the Rock just doesn’t like Cena. Look at them, they’re completely opposite. They look different, talk different, fight different, but they’re very similar. Whatever it is Cena does, Rock does, they want to do it better than anyone, period! They’re very similar. Except where they go shopping. Rock shops at department stores, Cena shops at Baby Gap.

Cena says awesome, fashion advice from the tooth fairy! Listen, they’ve both said the time for talk is over. He’s the people’s champ, listen to the people. Hear it, feel it see it! People are standing on the ceiling not because they want them to talk, they want a match. Not just a match, but not just any match! The people know what match, the match where generations collide. Only in the WWE will you Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson in their prime. Only in the WWE will you see Michael Jordan go one on one with Labrond James. The match they want is Cena versus Rock! It’s obvious. This is what they should do. Rock want to talk about it or bring it? Off comes Cena’s hat and shirt.

Rocky is still standing there staring at Cena. Rock tells Cena he has no idea what he asked for. He asked Rock to bring it. You bet your candy ass Rock will bring it. Rock says they make history. Rock says, they do something that’s never been done before! Rock says they make the biggest match up of all time on the grandest stage of them all, WM28. Much heat from the fans for this.

Cena laughs. But then he looks around at the fans.

Rock says not just it will be not just any match up. The Rock, team bring it, never alone. Never alone, all day, all night long with millions and millions of Rock fans. WM28, main event. Cena versus People’s Champion. People’s WM! If you smell what the Rock is cooking.

Rock extends his hand. Some yell ‘do it’ from the crown. Cena reaches and grabs Rock’s hand. Cena backs away a bit.

But then the Corre is there, surrounding the ring like they were known to do as Nexus! Then, as one, they rush the ring and attack! Wade and Gabriel on Rock, Zeke and Slater on Cena. Rock starts fighting back, takes Wade down. Cena drops Slater, then his Five Knuckle Shuffle. Rock hits a spine buster on Wade. People’s elbow on Wade. Cena and Rock stare off, then Cena grabs Slater rushing in and hits an AA. Then a Rock bottom on Wade. “Rocky” chants as Rock and Cena stare off. Off mic Rock tells Cena he’ll see Cena at WM and extends a hand. Cena tells Rock to bring it and shakes.

Biggest pop
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Biggest heat

Don’t forget to check into www.wrestlingnewsworld.com tomorrow evening to read all that I have to say about WMXXVII, the Hall of Fame Ceremony, RAW and Tough Enough. Trust me, I have a lot stirring around inside of me after all that WWE TV has shown us these past 48 hours.
– KB

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