Phony Sandman On MySpace, Chris Benoit’s Doctor, Lex Luger’s Fall

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– Someone is pretending to represent The Sandman on MySpace, apparently trying to scam people for up front money in hopes of booking the former ECW Champion. Do not send the person any money as they are not associated in any way with the recently released RAW superstar. Sandman’s bookings are being handled exclusively through Todd Gordon and if you are interested in booking him, go here.

– The top story currently running on is on Chris Benoit’s doctor, Dr. Phil Astin. The article is very detailed and looks at the deaths of both Benoit and Mike “Johnny Grunge” Durham. WWE will certainly not be happy about it. Click here to check it out.

– Speaking of, there is another wrestling related story on the web site on how a life of steroid and drug abuse has taken its toll on former WCW superstar Lex Luger. The story features several quotes from Luger and shows recent pictures of him having to use a cane to walk because he is in need of hip surgery. It’s an interesting read, but rather depressing at the same time. You can check it out at this link.

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