NWA Powerrr Results (2/25): Thunder Rosa Defends Women’s Title, Nick Aldis Calls Out Marty Scurll

NWA Powerrr Results
February 25, 2020
Atlanta, GA

— Tim Storm starts the show and reassures the fans that he’s not even close to giving up yet. He puts over Thom Latimer as a legitimate competitor, even though he’s obviously not happy about the outcome of their match. Momma Storm didn’t raise no quitters! Latimer comes out and calls him “old news”, saying Strictly Business is done with him, warning Storm to stop trying to drive a wedge between him and Nick Aldis.

— Danny Deals, an unshaven middle-aged white dude in a ridiculous, oversized suit coat and a t-shirt, comes out and says he’s got a deal for Tim Storm. Behind Door #1 is a new tag team partner that will get him back on his winning ways, and Door #2 is nothing but mayhem and destruction. Storm wants Door #3, which is him kicking down both doors and ringing Danny’s scrawny neck. Danny reminds everyone of how Storm originally won the NWA world title, and how he took everything away from Jax Dane. He wants a match between the two, and if Dane wins, he gets the NWA contract that should have been his all along.

— A promo airs for Ivan Koloff and Lex Luger’s summer Christian program called Man Camp. I’m not kidding. This is a real thing. Man Camp.

1) Zicky Dice def. Matt Cross and NWA Television Champion Ricky Starks in a triple threat match.┬áThe TV title was not on the line for this one. Cross had it won with a Shooting Star Press on the champ, but Dice threw him from the ring and stole his pinfall. They’re playing up Dice as the next challenger for the title.

— NWA National Champion Aron Stevens comes out for an interview, and brags about how good a wrestler he is. He now has an extra long black belt that’s like 10 feet long so he can talk about being the “longest black belt in the world”. The interviewer reminds him that he’s only had two defenses, and both of them he chickened out and ran away. Stevens mocked Scott Steiner and others who tried, and failed. Question Mark interrupted and did his “ka-ra-te” bit.

2) Trevor Murdoch def. The Question Mark. Quick match that Murdoch won with a diving bulldog from the top rope. After the match Aron Stevens attacked him from behind and put the boots to the big man. Question Mark recovered and joined in the assault as well.

— NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis bragged out defeating “Flop Gordon”, and Strictly Business defeating the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. He wants everyone to know who is the driving force behind the NWA. Aldis gives Marty Scurll one more chance to come out and remove himself from their upcoming title match, saving himself the embarrassment of losing again. Scurll came out to a huge reaction, and refused to back out of the match. He’s done wasting time – he wants the match right here, right now. Instead, Strictly Business came out and surrounded the ring. Brody King ran down the steps and went after Latimer and Isaacs, and a huge brawl broke out that took waves of security to break up.

— Eddie Kingston called out The Pope. He’s done dealing with The Bouncers and everyone else that gets put in between them, and questions Pope’s manhood if he doesn’t come out and handle their business. Pope does eventually come out, and brags about how he’s “made from granite” and covered in gold. Apparently I missed that portion of his career. He kept ranting and rambling as Kingston continued to get more upset the longer he went on. The Bouncers came out and beat down Kingston, who tried to fight back both super heavyweights to no avail.

3) Thunder Rosa (c) def. Melina to retain the NWA Women’s World Championship via count-out. This wasn’t even a match. Melina refused to wrestle and simply walked out on the match, standing in the crowd as the referee counted.

— Allysin Kay came out and backed Melina back down the stairs. She hit her with a right hook and threw Melina back into the ring, but Kamille came out of nowhere and speared the hell out of her. Marti Belle came out to help Melina while Tasha Steelz came out for Kay. Meanwhile, Kamille and Thunder Rosa stared each other down in the ring.

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