News & Notes: WWE/Saudi Arabia, Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, more

— With WWE holding their next event in Saudi Arabia on November 2, there is some thought being given to not streaming the event on the Network and instead treating it like a house show, with minimal promotion and advertising. This would likely be due to all the public backlash of the first iteration of the event where WWE’s female talents were unable to appear or compete. The all-women’s Evolution PPV – occurring days before – is also reportedly another tactic to keep any criticism to a minimum.

— After last night’s All In event, Cody Rhodes and other key talent who competed, got on the mic and spoke to the fans. Rhodes seemed to suggest that despite most people wanting him to go back to WWE, he isn’t feeling that “vibe” and along with the Young Bucks, they teased that there could be an All In 2 in the future.

— Rey Mysterio is reportedly finishing up his last commitment later today before he officially joins WWE as a wrestler. It is believed that he is has already signed a contract with the company but that WWE wants to break the news exclusively themselves.

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