Muppets On RAW News, Linda Targeting Women, WWE Officials Unhappy, More

– The Associated Press is reporting that Linda McMahon is looking to better engage women in her 2012 Senate bid. Exit polling data in 2010 showed that 42% of female voters were less likely to vote for McMahon because of her association with WWE because of WWE’s portrayal of women and violence. As with her last campaign, Linda is also looking to distance herself from WWE.

– The recent Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match at WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view got overwhelmingly negative feedback by fans here on – and WWE officials were also unhappy with the match, namely, how WWE’s agents/producers booked the match. While most would assume that two luchador wrestlers would stick to the style they know best (lucha!), many were expecting more of a grudge match-style fight, due to the nature of the HIAC event.

– WWE officials were disappointed at how the crowd reacted towards some of the bigger stars participating in the walkout angle, and the fact that two of the people the crowd reacted to the most were Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. You know it’s a bad sign when your announcers are more over than most of the wrestlers on your roster.

– With Disney’s The Muppets set to guest star on the October 31st Halloween edition of WWE RAW, the creative team has been working on the script for that show this week.

As if WWE’s resident muppet Hornswoggle wasn’t already going to be featured on the show, his new Muppets tattoo virtually makes him a lock for the Halloween RAW.

* View Here: HORNSWOGGLE’s New MUPPETS Tattoo

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