Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 10/28/2019

The final episode of RAW before Crown Jewel is live from St. Louis.
They’re promoting a special edition of Jerry Lawler’s Kings Court with Lana and Rusev…Jerry says it could turn into a divorce court. He’d know…
The show starts with Paige introducing the Woman’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors like they’ve never been on RAW before. This is kind of strange since Asuka and Kari Sane are dressed up in their new badass looks. Paige is trying to hype them, but Asuka and Kari keep interrupting her.

Asuka spits Poison Mist into the face of Paige! That’s one way to end a relationship with a manager. Too bad the crowd doesn’t care.
Becky Lynch comes out and starts bawling with Kari Sane and eventually Asuka. This will be the first match.
Match #1: Singles Match
Woman’s Tag Champion Kari Sane w/Asuka v Raw Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch
The storyline for this match is that Kari is one of the only women to beat Becky this year so Becky is trying to avenge that loss here.

It turned into a slower pace but decent match that still kept Kari Sane looking legit. Hard to do, but they did it.
Match End: Becky Lynch wins via submission
After the match Becky show some respect but Kari kicks her hand away.

More hype for the Rusev/Lana angle
R-Truth comes out with full What’s Up entrance! When’s the last time you saw that on tv?
Match #2: Singles Match
R-Truth v Buddy Murphy
Is Buddy Murphy still a “best kept secret”? Is that possible still?
The 24/7 Champion runs down to the ring being chased by a few guys who should be treated better. They run around the ring and R-Truth ends up doing the same before the 10 count ends he gets into the ring and is hit with a Buddy Murphy knee.
Match End: Buddy Murphy wins.
The 24/7 Title chase is so embarrassing…
AOP talk to the camera for another week. One day they’ll have a match.
The Street Profits come out and head into the crowd. They grab some mics and have themselves a well rehearsed promo that turns into them dancing into the crowd again repeating “We want the smoke” until the segment is over.
After the commercial break we see Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Jimmy Hart in the ring arguing about their teams. Thankfully there isn’t a microphone anywhere near them this week…yet…
Match #3: Singles Match
Ricochet w/Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart v Drew McIntyre w/Ric Flair
Drew McIntyre beats up on Ricochet all match and then has some words with Hulk Hogan.
McIntyre lands the loudest slap I’ve heard on RAW in a long time. Poor Ricochet.
I’m really enjoying how powerful McIntyre has been used here. He’s a monster and should be destroying opponents just like this. Talking smack the whole time to Hogan is the cherry on top.
Ricochet mounts a comeback after the commercial break.
Every time Ricochet hits a move Lawler says something about superheroes or believing in superheroes. Really driving home the talking points for his gimmick.
Match End: Randy Orton his the sickest RKO on Ricochet (who wins by dq as a result) literally out of nowhere and the crowd pops HUGE!
Backstage The OC gives props to Humberto for his debut match. Then they challenge him to a match against AJ Styles.
Match #4: Tag Team Match
RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders v “The Chicago Cubs”
So the Viking Raiders are the tag champs and they still get enhancement matches? Not strong enough yet?
“The war paint is inspired by the makeup actual Vikings used to wear yonder days”. This is and actual quote they said on the air during this match. I don’t get why they always think this is the first episode anyone has ever watched.
Match End: Raider win. There were so many baseball puns. Awful everything in this one.
Match #5: Singles Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Sin Cara w/Carolina
This was a fun match last week with some history behind it. Hopefully this rematch can be more of the same.
Of course Zelina Vega gets involved which draws Carolina to fight her off but it backfires.
Match End: Andrade pins Sin Cara with his feet on the ropes to win.
Match #6: Tag Team Match
Charlotte Flair & Natalya v The IIconics
I really dig this idea of a team for Natalya and Charlotte based on the family legacy aspect alone.
I’m also a big fan of how Billie Kaye trash talks the entire match.
Match End: Natalya forces Billie to submit to the Sharpshooter. Great short match.
Universal Champion Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage. He’s hyping his match that’s happening right now. His face promos are such fluff garbage sometimes. I won’t blame Seth for that, I’ll blame the fact that they having him doing 3 things a night for it.
Match #7: Fall Count Anywhere Match
Universal Champion Seth Rollins v Erick Rowan
How long will it take for The Fiend to show up in this one? Over/under 5 minutes.
It’s been 3 minutes into the match and if you took a drink everytime they mentioned that the match could end anywhere you’d be wasted (and probably end up enjoying the show more).
Rowan puts Seth Rollins through the merch table on the concourse and they cut to commercial…no seriously…
Back from break and the match is back in the ring.
Commentary is still saying that the match can end anywhere every 3 seconds (very annoying).
The match makes its way up to the commentary desk. Rollins lands a stomp on the table no break.
They fight backstage….
Match End: Seth forces a worker to pin Rowan with a forklift. No Fiend…okay then…
Aleister Black is back in his room asking for a fight again.
Crown Jewel hype.
Match #8: Singles Match
United States Champion AJ Styles w/The OC v Humberto Carrillo
Week 2 of the major showcase of Humberto Carrillo. Maybe he’ll get a pop in week 3?
WWE showcase matches against champions are always throw every move you have against them for a lot of 2 counts then get caught in a submission and lose.
Match End: Humberto taps to the Calf Crusher. AJ Styles wins.
After the match AJ offers to shake Humerto’s hand but be pulls away last second. Humberto slaps him. AJ hits him with a Styles Clash. Eventually the Street Profits runs down to help Humberto.
Recap of the awful Rusev cuckhold angle before the break.
The Kings “Divorce” Court: With Rusev and Lana
Jerry knows a lot about divorce so he’s kind of the perfect guy for this segment.
Rusev comes out and looks…happy?
Lana is introduced. She has underrated entrance music.
Lana is sick of the WWE fans harassing her online. Time for the truth. All Rusev wanted from her was sex. She lists all the times and places he wanted sex. Calls him a sex addict. Then she says all he wanted was to make her pregnant. She can’t have that, she’s a model.
Lana says Bobby Lashley says Rusev cheated on Lana. Rusev says “Bobby is talking shit”. That brings out Lashley in full gear. Btw, everyone else is in street clothes. Good one Bobby.
Rusev and Lashley brawl at ringside. Then in the ring. Rusev gets the better of Lashley then rips his wedding ring off and shoves it in Bobby’s mouth.
Lana hits Rusev with a kendo stick with no effect, but then Lashley hits and kicks Rusev in the crotch. Then he stands over Rusev and kisses Lana while Rusev holds his hurt “pride” as the show ends. Welcome back attitude era garbage angles.
Eight matches tonight, and something we didn’t have last week…the Woman’s Division! Thankfully Crown Jewel is this week so they can get back to regular angles next week.

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