More On Kristal Marshall's Release, WWE 24/7 In November, WWE In Italy

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted before, prior to her release, Bobby Lashley requested for Kristal Marshall to be moved to Raw so that they could be on the same road schedule. Kristal started dating Lashley when he worked the SmackDown tour as ECW Champion. Vince promised that she would be moved to Raw, but as far back as August, he changed his mind on moving her. Kristal also had heat because she would go to the writers to say that Theodore Long and Vickie Guerrero weren’t satisfied with the direction the angle was going in. Both then claimed that they had no problem with the angle, and so they think she was making things up. She also had some heat in regards to her matches at house shows. Agents didn’t think she sold enough during the matches, and after she’d get pinned, she’d get up and wave and shake hands with the fans on the way to the back.

— WWE programming is airing again in Italy. Italia 1 pulled the WWE shows off the air once the Benoit story broke out. They felt wrestling was bad for kids and that’s why it was pulled. WWE shows are now airing on Sky Pay TV.

— You can check out the complete schedule for WWE 24/7 in November at this link.

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