More On Kelly Kelly & Playboy, Honky Tonk Man Injured, myNetworkTV vs. The CW


— As noted earlier, WWE Diva Kelly Kelly posted a blog on her MySpace page saying the rumors of her posing for Playboy are untrue. However, it was certainly the plan earlier in the year and WWE even filmed vignettes talking about her upcoming spread.

— Honky Tonk Man was telling people this past week that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to wrestle at Cyber Sunday if voted in. Earlier in the year, he had a severe finger injury, which may eventually need surgery. A photo recently surfaced online of Honky Tonk Man showing his badly injured finger and it’s still scarred and in bad shape. Outside an indy show, he and another guy swung guitars at each other at the same time and the other guy hit the neck of Honky’s guitar as well as his finger. Honky Tonk Man got 18 stitches put in and claimed he nearly lost the finger.

The Washington Post made this interesting statement last week regarding The CW dropping SmackDown because it didn’t fit in the demo they were looking for: “CW says it dumped WWE Smackdown because it did not work with the netlet’s target young-chick crowd. Last Friday, CW launched in its place ‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ ‘The Game’ and those ‘America’s Top Model’ reruns, for a nightly average of 1.7 million viewers. Last year, Smackdown opened its season with 4.6 million. This year’s line-up attracted 366,000 women aged 18 to 34. Last year’s Smackdown posted 351,000 18-to-34 year old chicks. That’s a net gain of 15,000.”

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