Moose Discusses Tessa Blanchard As IMPACT Champion, Says He Wouldn't Face Her

IMPACT Wrestling’s Moose was the latest guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily where the former NFL football star explained why he was challenging TNA originals instead of opting to go for the IMPACT world title, currently held by Tessa Blanchard. Highlights are below.

Why he’s going after TNA originals:

I think I’ve ran through all of the ECW legends so now it’s time for me to do the same to the old TNA guys. I don’t wanna focus on a title right now because that wouldn’t be a challenge. A woman has that title and I want a challenge. I could go the easy route and challenge for the World Title but how great is that if I beat a woman? I’m looking for a challenge and nothing against Tessa, but I am Moose. That wouldn’t be a challenge. So I’m trying to challenge myself and make a point, so why not go after the old TNA guys like I did the old ECW guys?

Clarifying that Blanchard is a great competitor, but that she doesn’t come off as a challenge to him:

I’m not saying she’s not a deserving World Champion, she’s just not a challenge for me. It would be considered bullying if I challenged Tessa because I know I could easily win the World Title in less than 5 minutes. How great does that make me? Let me put it like this: if all the teams that Michael Jordan beat for his six title wins were all scrubs, do you think his legacy would be the same? If all the teams that Michael Jordan beat for his six title wins…if he swept all of those teams, would his legacy be the same? If I beat Tessa for the championship and become World Champion, would that make my legacy any bigger than what it is,” asked Moose. “No, it wouldn’t do anything for my legacy. I would have to hear stories, ‘Oh, he’s not a great World Champion because he beat a girl.’ So I already know how people are gonna react if I go after the title and I wanna do something greater.

I want a challenge – beating Tessa for the World Championship is not a challenge. It’s something that I could easily do. I’m not saying Tessa is not a great wrestler, it’s just not a challenge for me. I think a great challenge would be wrestling someone who’s been a world champion over different countries or promotions. That’s a challenge for me. Old ECW guys or TNA guys is a challenge for me. Beating Tessa for the World Title is not a challenge for me.

Check out the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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