Lucha Underground results: Ultima Lucha Dos hype begins; big main event

The show begins with a recap of Officers Neehan and Reyes being busted by Castro, and then him being arrested. We also see Matanza snapping Pentagon Jr’s back and Vampiro “rebuilding” him with torture. In Dario’s office, Black Lotus tells Dario that she prevented Dragon Azteca from going after Matanza.

She warns Dario that if he’s lying to her about the death of her parents, the Black Lotus tribe will go after him. Dario says that at Ultima Lucha, she will face Dragon Azteca Jr.

The Voodoo Glow Skulls play us into the show while Striker says that Ultima Lucha Dos is only four weeks away. Tonight, a six-on-six match will lead to a Six to Survive match next week. None of this is really explained. Drago and Aerostar face PJ Black and Jack Evans in a nunchuk match tonight as well.

First, Marty stands creepily next to Melissa Santos and gets her to leave by touching her. Marty mocks Killshot with his dogtags while a fan yells “you’re weird, Marty!”. Marty tells Killshot to come out – unless he’s gone AWOL. Killshot sneaks up and tosses him to the floor – leading to our first “holy shit” from Vampiro.

Killshot vs. Marty the Moth

Vamp talks about how you can’t get into hand to hand combat with Marty because you don’t know where his hands have been. They toss each other very hard into the railing and then brawl more leading to a double countout. Marty turns his back on Killshot and eats a sick running PK on the apron that was thrown so hard, Killshot falls onto the apron himself.

He grabs his dogtags, but Marty drops him on his head, but Killshot recovers and Marty escapes while Killshot grabs him. It’s a shame they didn’t do anything with these guys for months on end, because they’re telling a fine story with them.

We see Francisco Garza/Cortez Castro in a prison jumpsuit being interrogated by Officers Neehan and Reyes.  The Captain tells us that Garza is a long-time criminal and she tells him that he either wears a wire or he’s going to jail. She wants to get Dario on drug trafficking and murder – but it’s bigger. She thinks he is the lynchpin to the end of days. She asks if he’ll help while a stormy night brings us back to the Temple. Evans interrupts Melissa to do his own intro.

PJ Black and Jack Evans vs. Aerostar and Drago – Nunchucks Match

Matt Striker talks about how nunchucks make him think of Michaelangelo from TMNT, Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, and Larry Zybysko. Blockbuster driver by Drago to Evans and they hit a double team Hellevator for 2. Drago lands some kicks and goes for a spinning DDT, but Black turns it into a brainbuster. Jack and PJ celebrate with a guitar solo and they go to the floor where Aerostar dives on them. Aerostar gets kicked to the floor and the heels do a Young Bucks through-the-legs dive before Evans moonsaults onto Aerostar.

Everyone fights up the steps to grab some nunchucks – there are four sets all over the area, and Evans hits Aerostar with them on top of the steps. A loud “cowabunga!” by Jack leads to a spinning nunchuck shot. Drago kicks away at the heels and gets some nunchucks of his own. He sends BJ down onto a small part of the set before diving onto him. Aerostar gets some nunchucks, but Jack attacks him – but falls with them.

Aerostar has them and hits the hands of Jack to send him off Dario’s office onto PJ, who catches him perfectly. Aerostar then dives onto them like a crazy man. Drago beats the daylights out of Jack’s arms, chest, and face leading to a spin bump. Drago mists Jack before locking on the Dragon’s Tail cradle for a win. The six-on-six match is up next, with the winner getting a title shot at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Son of Havoc, Sexy Star, Rey Mysterio Jr, The Mack, Texano, and Prince Puma vs. King Cuerno, Fenix, Ivelisse, Chavo Guerrero, Taya, and Johnny Mundo

The faces come out and Vamp marks out over Rey shaking his hand. The heel/face mixed team is a bit weird – and they tease that Fenix is now a heel due to the beatings he’s taken wearing him down. Pentagon Jr. returns and thanks Chavo for helping him before. Pentagon says that he is here to take him out, does so, and will seemingly take his place in this match. The arm snapper seals Chavo’s fate and everyone in the ring looks scared to death.

 After a break, Dario comes out and says that he commends Pentagon for seizing an opportunity. He asks the believers if they want to see him in the match – and they want it, so he agrees. He tells him to think about it before a “cero miedo” chant breaks out. Sexy and Taya go at it, leading to Taya throwing her down. Sexy hits an Edge o matic, but eats a lariat. Havoc comes in to face Taya, but she tags out to Ivie.Ivie and Havoc slap hands and engage in basic wrestling stuff before exchanging cradles for 2.

Pentagon Jr comes in to a huge pop. Mack comes in for a tumbling exchange and Mack hits an armdrag. A Stinger splash misses leading to a giant kick to the gut. Huge chop and a pop-up lungblower his Mack. Pentagon clears the chest of Mack, slowly breathes, and chops the daylights out of him. Flying knee hits Pentagon. Fenix comes in and superkicks Mack before hitting a missile dropkick for 2. Mack recovers with a pounce.

Cuerno and Rey go at it. Cuerno boots him down for 2. Rey recovers and hits a headscissors and then the springboard senton. Texano and Rey land a pop-up rana and Vamp talks about kicking Rey’s ass at Road Wild in ’99. Cuerno dropkicks Texano, leading to Mundo coming in and raining punches down. Texano goes for a superplex, but Taya attacks – and gets her head shoved into Johnny’s crotch by Texano. Puma comes in and gets tossed out by Mundo.

Texano superkicks Mundo to the floor, leading to the Arrow of Death on Texano on the floor. Sexy flips onto the pile while Ivie does so with a crossbody off the top. Mack and Pentagon chop away hard. Mack hits a spinning exploder that sends him to the floor, where Mack dives onto him. Puma hits a crazy corkscrew dive onto another pile of guys, before Fenix does so and Vamp just says “Jesus Christ!”. AND THEN Son of Havoc hits a corkscrew Asai moonsault.

Rey goes for another dive, but Mundo pulls him to the floor and goes for a dive of his own – but Puma kicks him. Rey 619s Johnny and Puma goes for the 630 – but Mundo kicks Rey into the buckle. Puma gets crotched and the Spanish Fly gives Mundo the win! Next week, this team goes at it to determine who faces Matanza at Ultima Lucha Dos. Catrina goes to Cuerno’s lair and revives Mil Muertes.


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