Latest On Orton's In-Ring Return, TMZ Covers Austin Incident, Taker-Gogoplata

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Randy Orton is scheduled to return to the ring at either next’s week Raw, or the following week. Orton’s advertised to appear on some Raw brand house shows in Europe starting in the middle of next week.

— WWE announcers are not allowed to use the term “gogoplata” in reference to Undertaker’s finisher. However, the mobile version of has a photo of the finish from his match with Big Show at Cyber Sunday and the move is dubbed as the “gogoplata choke.”

— As reported earlier, there was an incident involving Steve Austin and fellow actor Paul Lazenby during the filming of a fight scene for Austin’s next movie, “Damage.” While filming a scene with the MMA fighter, he accidentally clipped Lazenby on the nose with a left-hand jab. has picked up the story and noted the original report of Lazenby bleeding from the nose for 20 minutes while medics tended to him. Lazenby has an official website and wrote a blog regarding the incident, saying the issue has since been resolved. “I want to stress that this was NOT a case of negligence or incompetence, just one of those things that can happen even between skilled performers when they’re swinging their fists at one another,” Lazenby wrote. I don’t blame Steve at all, he just made a mistake that even the best stunt performers can make (and one of which I’m certainly not innocent).” You can read his blog at For TMZ’s story, click here.

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