Latest On Batista's Health, More Royal Rumble Participants Announced, Domino's

— Representatives of Batista released the following statement on the forum of his official website (}:

“Dave has started going to the gym and is able to do some light training that doesn’t put any stress or strain on his hamstring.

Right now its just more rehab and the long wait to be able to train!”

— The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Santino Marella were announced as participants of the Royal Rumble during last night’s Raw. Thirteen participants have been announced so far. You can see the complete list at the following link.

— Next Monday’s Raw in Chicago is being presented by Domino’s Pizza. {WWE and Dominos Pizza Present Monday Night Raw/ECW}

News on Manu getting kicked out of Legacy – Orton wanted him OUT!

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