Kevin Kelly On USA Network Suggesting ‘Mr. McMahon’ Character, New TV Deals, Would Vince Yield Creative Power to FOX?

Kevin Kelly was a recent guest on the Voice Of Wrestling where he spoke in detail about WWE’s recent TV deal with Fox and what impact that may have.

Kelly discussed whether WWE will shift its focus totally onto television once SmackDown moves to Fox officially:

“I think we are going to see a big shift in their business, I think a lot of the focus and attention will be on these two television programs and everything else will be secondary. I don’t know what the television programs will look like, will they continue to be the status quo or will Fox and NBCU say listen, we are investing this money we would like to play a hand in some of this or are they just paying for content they know is going to deliver a consistent number. Shows don’t deliver big numbers, you look at a special, you will get a one-time thing, I think the television landscape has changed.”

If TV networks ever got involved with creative:

“The only thing I know for sure was Vince wanted to get away from doing announcing, so, therefore, that’s why I was hired and I was brought in and they moved me to Raw and they wanted a different voice and Vince wanted to be behind the scenes. USA said they like Vince as a character and wanted to see him on more and that is one of the reasons Vince Russo pushed for that character to become more front and center, it wasn’t a demand but more of a “we know this works, what about it?”

Does Kevin Kelly think Vince will allow Fox to have creative power?

“I don’t see that happening, it would be counterintuitive to anything we have ever seen from him before to imagine that would be a scenario. We know he is influential on certain decisions but as Triple H and Stephanie continue to rise in power, will they be more open-minded to it, I am not sure. Fox would be smart to stay out of WWE’s way.

You can check out the full episode of VOW with Kevin Kelly where they talk in detail about New Japan’s Dominion show and the impact of Chris Jericho in the video below.

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