Kennedy Speaks On Wellness Policy, D.H. Smith Stretchered Out, Lilian Garcia Booed

SLAM! Wrestling has an interesting interview with Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy talks about shooting a movie in Puerto Rico, how hard it is to get the fans to boo him, his feud with Regal, and more. Kennedy also discusses WWE’s drug testing policy quite a bit in the interview.

WWE recently changed their drug testing policy so that talent could not cheat with a “Whizzinator.” The new rule calls for talent to be nude “from your ankles to your nipples” while a monitor watches the person give a urine sample. “That’s how we had to take our urinalysis. The guy was sitting there watching us from the front. It was pretty invasive and a little humiliating, but that’s how you have to do things nowadays because people cheat,” Kennedy said. “I think I’d have a hard time peeing if there was a dead guy in the room with me, let alone another male sitting there checking you out. Then the guy tried to talk to me while I was doing it, like I was in the dentist’s office. ‘So Ken, how long have you been doing this for?'”

During the interview, Kennedy admits to his past mistakes. “I’m going to say that I made mistakes. I will probably make more mistakes in the future. The thing is that I just try to learn from my mistakes, and admit wrongdoing when it’s necessary or when it’s prudent, and just try to move on, man. I’ve tried not to live in the past,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy then talks about how strong the Wellness Policy is now. “The Wellness Policy is in place, in effect, and we continue to get drug tested. Yeah, I’m sure, maybe, some people will continue to slip through the cracks. That’s just life,” Kennedy said. “But I think WWE is doing everything that they can and their power to make sure that we’re being safe and we’re taking care of our bodies.”

You can read the interview in its entirety at this link.

— On Raw last night, JBL took his anger out on John Cena by pummeling Canada’s own D.H. Smith in a one minute squash match. What you didn’t see was Smith being carried away on a stretcher afterwards, reports Oftentimes when WWE does a stretcher job, they air footage of it after the commercial break, but no footage of Smith being stretchered out was ever shown. As if that isn’t enough, the WWE site didn’t even bother to put up a video on Smith’s stretcher job.

— The Toronto audience booed ring announcer Lilian Garcia after she introduced them to the “Air America Centre” last night prior to Raw, reports prowrestling.NET. Of course it’s actually called the Air Canada Centre. Garcia made things up to the Canadian crowd afterwards by singing a stirring rendition of the Canadian National Anthem, O Canada.

See photo of a JUICED pre-WWE Mr. Kennedy (>>)

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