Kennedy Claims To Not Use Steroids, ABC News Reports On Astin Patients, More

— Ken Kennedy appeared on On The Record on Fox News earlier tonight. He appeared in the studio with Martha MacCallum, who was filling in for Greta Van Susteren, because he happened to be in the New York City area — which is where the Fox News studios are located. Earlier in the night, he appeared at a WWE fan gathering at the Spotlight Live Club in New York City with some other WWE stars. Martha asked Kennedy if he uses steroids. He said that he does not use steroids. Kennedy said he has been drug tested five times since he joined WWE and has passed every single one. He also added that there was a steroid problem in WWE in the past, but there isn’t one now. According to Kennedy, Chris Benoit probably took steroids the day he died, because he passed his last test in April. According to Kennedy, Eddie Guerrero and Brian Pillman died because of the lifestyle of the past and that it’s not an issue now. He also said that only five people have died while being employed to WWE and that the rest were just on the “independent scene.” Kennedy said he doesn’t think the toxicology reports will provide any answers in the Benoit case. You can catch the replay tonight at 1:00 A.M. EST. Kennedy comes on at around the 43 minute mark.

— published a report on Thursday titled “Beyond Benoit: More Wrestlers Tied to Doc” naming the other wrestlers named in investigator documents into Chris Benoit’s doctor, Phil Astin III. The first paragraph of the article reads, “At least six professional wrestlers – including Chris Benoit, former champion Lex Luger, and popular current star Rey Mysterio – have been implicated in the federal government’s probe…” They also name Marcus “Buff” Bagwell, “Hardcore” Bob Holly, and Mark Jindrak (who was in WWE during the time period of his use) as being patients of Astin in the story. The article also says that Astin’s records were seized as part of the investigation and notes that the local Fox News affiliate confirmed that “O.G.” and “M.J.” were indeed Rey Mysterio and Mark Jindrak. You can read the ABC News report at this link.

— Konnan appeared on the “Between The Ropes” radio show on Wednesday night. He said that about 90% of full-time wrestlers are on steroids and/or growth hormones, and about 30 to 40% over use or abuse drugs.

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