Kane On Stephanie McMahon Explaining Why WWE Stars Aren't "Wrestlers"

Now that he is the new Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, longtime WWE veteran Glenn “Kane” Jacobs has been making the media rounds.

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In a new interview with FOX News Rundown, “The Big Red Machine” spoke about some WWE-related subjects. Among them was him recalling Stephanie McMahon explaining why they do not call their performers “wrestlers” in WWE, but rather, “Superstars.”

“I remember Stephanie McMahon once saying there’s a reason why we’re not called wrestlers. We’re called superstars, because there’s so much more that we do,” said Jacobs. “Even within our WWE careers, all the things that we’re asked to do. Our promotion, dealing with the media, all of that stuff is more than just a guy or gal in the ring for 10 minutes a night and put on a show.”

Later in the interview, Kane was asked again if he sees himself still performing for WWE now that he is a legitimate major political figure.

“Basically, if I do anything, I’ll just do some special events,” said Kane. “But, WWE has been a part of my life for over 20 years, I am very proud of my career, I’m very proud of working for the company, I’m proud of people like you (Tyrus), I’m proud of so many of my friends and colleagues.”

Check out the complete Glenn “Kane” Jacobs interview at FOXNews.com.

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