Josh Mathews on Jeff Jarrett and Taryn Terrell Leaving Impact, Title Belt Changes, Big BFG UK News

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Impact Wrestling’s Josh Mathews participated in a conference call today, which you can listen to in full via’s audio player below. The following are some call highlights:

On Bound for Glory possibly airing on the GWN app:

“That’s the plan as of right now. I can’t say for sure one way or the other if it will or won’t be, but the plan is for Bound for Glory to be available on the app. I don’t know if this is public knowledge or not, but in the United Kingdom Spike will air Bound for Glory on Monday at 9pm, same as they did for Slammiversary.”

Mathews also spoke on Impact Wrestling possibly airing live on the GWN app, and he noted it’s not going to be available right away on the app due to TV contracts. Mathews added the show is on a ten day delay from when it airs on POP TV.

On if the Impact Championship belts will change after the departure of Global Force Wrestling:

“Yeah, I think you’ve seen that the titles have the Impact plates on them now, (audio drops out briefly) but yeah they’re gonna change”.

On if Jeff Jarrett leaving Impact is another bump in the road for the company:

“Yeah it has to be. Because no one is bigger than the company and no one should be bigger. Not saying that [Jarrett] ever thought he was, or that he was gonna be the end all be all of it. But for any company, whether it’s us, or WWE, or anyone else out there, no one can be bigger than the company. The shield, the company has to be the biggest thing. The NFL, or anything like that, any company that’s driving something…the UFC figured that out too because they realized that they couldn’t let their stars hold them up, and that can’t be a thing.”

Mathews also noted that Taryn Terrell, who recently left the company, requested her release and it was granted.

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